Tuesday, 15 May 2012


The regional situation and the Palestinian Hunger Strikes

1, The pro-empire arab spring has pushed the Palestinian struggle to a back seat in the Arab struggle, imperialism knows this, and the pressure that the Palestinian Revolution had until a few years ago, esp since after 'operation cast lead' has totally dropped off.

2, The Palestinian solidarity movement across the world is stuffed full of foolish liberals who cant and dont wanna see this, and are patronising the Palestinian struggle and hunger strikers, I want nothing to do with a bunch of blind idiots who have contributed to infesting the Palestinian revolution with all kinds of white man's burden and pro-empire liberalism through their 'solidarity' work, and though the eurocentric NGO-isation of Palestine itself. All anti-imperialist revolutions, like the Palestinian won, succeed PURELY on their own efforts, not on the do-gooding efforts of white or non-white liberals, for that matter. 

3, israel studied Turkish and Kurdish hunger strikers (death fasts) in the late 1990s of the revolutionary left prisoners (mainly DHKC/DHKP-C) and the way in which the Turkish state was happy for them to die in their scores on hunger strike, i think israel is making the same decision knowing that the Palestinian struggle has been largely neutered thanks to the arab spring.

4, WHILE I SUPPORT THE PALESTINIAN REVOLUTION in all its forms, including these hunger strikes, I am terrified that this is actually going to badly backfire on the hunger strikers, israel will allow them to all die; there's no pressure for Palestine in the region (apart from Lebanese Hizbullah, Syrian state, Iranian state and the states of Algeria and Sudan to some extent), most of the regional and international solidarity movement for Palestine are supporting the enemies of the Palestinian revolution in Libya and in Syria and this is all resulting in a disaster slowly about to visit Lebanon, which is developing already - see Tripoli (Lebanon) clashes.

5, I know that many of the Palestinian orgs, esp the more revolutionary ones like Palestinian Islamic Jihad are trying to use this hunger strike to re-focus the pro-imperialist arab spring drive to a more clearly anti-imperialist one, but I dont think that is going to happen, and instead we are going to lose scores perhaps even more Palestinian brothers and sisters in vain. I HOPE I AM WRONG. 

These are my grave concerns. 

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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