Wednesday, 2 May 2012


A wonderful meeting of James Baldwin to an audience in West London, in 1959. Great speech by Baldwin, great discussion with the crowd. James Baldwin's speech and the question and answer session pertain to many relevant issues and challenges we continue to face today. 
- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

James Baldwin in the video:

"Black Power is a very simple phrase; I dont know why everyone gets so upset about it. There's white power all over the world [shouts of agreement from the crowd] and no one even questions it. No is even questions the white power which is no destroying thousands men women and children in Vietnam. That power because it is power is sacred. No-one, no-one, no-one questions it. The power of the bank of the holy ghost [laughter]. The term Black Power strikes terror into many peoples minds because it applies precisely for the overthrow of the bank of the holy ghost, at least they think so. And it *does* actually mean that. What it means is that black people, this is *all* it means, that black people have in their own hands the control of their own destiny. That is all that it means. The English have a great phrase for it, they are very proud of their phrase, its called the self-determination of people. As for integration, that is not our goal, no, not at all, that is precisely our problem."

Question: "So you think there is any role for the white liberal in the black struggle [several shouts of 'NO!']...'

continues at 29mins in the video ;)


James Cates said...

The year this event took place was 1969, not 1959.

Sukant Chandan said...

apologies. thanks for the correction.