Sunday, 13 May 2012


Galloway should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Salmond against british imperialism


George Galloway MP is one of the most important anti-imperialist politicians in the west. Respect's Bradford West victory and another 5 local councillors in Braddie was all very important in contributing to an anti-imperialist direction in england (says as much about the weakness of us too). But taking on the Scottish Independence movement, which is defacto under the umbrella of the SNP and their brilliant leader Alex Salmond, is a v dangerous move. 

Not only cos it is a reactionary neo-colonialist unionist position (support for independence of the Celtic nations of Wales, Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland are fundamentals for anti-imperialists in england imo), but if George's 3.3% standing in Glasgow at a recent election for the Scottish Parliament is anything to go by, he will be drubbed by the Scottish people. And this is a situation that no progressive, anti-imperialist or socialist on these islands should be confronted with.

Scottish Labour making political deals with the tiny Scottish tories is another mistake by association that George will be walking into. 

There is nothing progressive or advantageous for George out of such a move. We in england need to step-up our anti-imperialist struggle, if we cant and dont seem to be achieving this very well then this is still no reason for taking brit colonialist positions in relation to the oppressed nations of this colonial union as Galloway seems to be doing when he says: "I think the break-up of Scotland from England after 300 years would be a mistake for Scotland and it would doom the English working people to permanent Tory rule.

“There are 59 Scottish seats at Westminster, all but one of them anti-Tory. If you take them out of Parliament, the Tories would be almost impossible to beat in England.

“That would be bad for working people in England, but it would also be bad for Scotland because a low-tax, low-spend, right-wing Tory England would lead to business and industry relocating to England from Scotland.”. (source)

Finally, there's nothing to assume that in a debate with Salmond that Galloway would come out on top. I dont want either to go against each other, but it would be a political battle I would reluctantly love to see, and sorry to say, but in *THIS* political case I would solidly support Salmond, but within England, I solidly support Respect and Galloway wherever they are challenging white supremacy (racism) and imperialism. As a friend said to me when I put these comments on my facebook: "I completely agree with the comment, I would not like to see Galloway vs Salmond, I would like to see them standing up shoulder to shoulder in solidarity against imperialism".

Thanks Brother Adam O'Connell for the heads up, and a good discussion on Adam's wall on this.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

PS: There's good comment on the issue of Scottish Independence and all issues anti-imperialist by a good Brother of mine, and Scottish Republican Socialist and socialist internationalist blogger at Not-A-Dinner-Party.

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