Tuesday, 22 May 2012


"The first is that the president himself does not have much faith in his country’s traditional alliances. One of his first executive acts was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. In Mr Obama’s rather Third World view of life, imperialism is the great sin, and America inherited it from Britain. Churchill – half-British, half-American, wholly imperial – is bad news for people who feel that way.

Mr Obama’s foreign policy began as an apology tour...."


As many Black Radicals state, Obama likes to do stuff for nearly groups of people, apart from Black people. Be it black people in the usa, or black people outside, more than that Obama has bombed Africa (Libya). However, this does not mean that white supremacists aren't still irked by the fact that a Black man is president of the usa, and in the *white* house, as Farrakhan states. 

So far, Obama has proven to be a Black man doing more for white supremacy in the usa than anything else. Nonetheless, I still find it very hard to put the boot into Obama knowing that there are a whole bunch of crazy white supremacists in the republican party and beyond who would like nothing more than to remove Obama from the scene by whatever means.

This quote from a pro-tory newspaper still shows that there is a very real split between the tory government in britain and the Obama presidency. I am not trying to play up more than it is, other than the oldest european colonial class (brits) knowing that Obama just doesnt like them at all.

It was interesting to see brit prime minister cameron's recent state visit to the usa where he met Obama. After a period in which Obama obviously had very little time for cameron, why the fanfare for cameron's visit? It was probably because britain still plays an important part in the usa pushing its hegemony, especially war, across the world, in which strategy britain can play the useful idiot for the usa. As before with the Argentinian Las Malvinas ('falkland' islands, occupied by brit colonial settlers), britain may call upon the usa to help it militarily in a military confrontation with Argentina.

However, the apparent contradictions between britain and the usa are worth playing at and exploiting for anti-imperialists.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm 

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