Thursday, 31 May 2012


We have a very problematic epidemic in britain. Too many South Asians loved to be used by the white man to promote sell out to our enemies - the british neo-colonial state.

Here pictured we have one fool from our community. He obviously either is ignorant of what the brits have done to our people and ancestors, or is aware of it but his love for the white man is greater than his loyalty to his own people.

The brits killed millions of South Asians, looted our country. Have we as South Asians found justice for all those killed? No. Have we got justice for all the looting the brits did? No, rather the queen will parade again her crown encrusted with one of the biggest diamonds in the world - the Kohinoor - which the Indian state has demanded be returned. A woman in the riots last August can get put in prison for stealing some panties, but the brits can steal and loot whole continents and we have fools from those continents celebrating in the looting of our own people.

Its high time there was a campaign to target sell outs in the media who promote the white man's divide and rule strategies. 

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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