Thursday, 19 April 2012


[a british soldier doing us Asians a favour in Malaya]

'Our atrocities were doing you a favour'!

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
19 April 2012

Many secret papers exposing the atrocities of the british empire have come to light, papers which should have been in the public realm in the 1980s. Nothing especially new has come out of these papers, but it is another reminder of the white supremacist massive violent nature of the british empire.

michael white, a sour-faced stupid white man at the Guardian, who happens to be its associate editor, decides these atrocities were to the benefit of Asian peoples when he writes:

"But just because it is easy with hindsight to condemn or mock the excesses of the time doesn't mean our parents and grandparents weren't right to be nervous – or even that the often-brutal suppression of the Malayan insurgency didn't do modern Malaysia, conspicuously prosperous and relatively open, a historic favour. Just think about neighbouring Burma."

Another indicator that the britain is desperate to white-wash its colonial crimes in a pathetic attempt to resuscitate the british empire just as when we are living through a historical period when the british state and its international reach is disappearing into oblivion.

This futile attempt to bring the british empire back from the dead also has some dangerous elements to it:

1, the whole western imperialism system is in existentialist crisis, and in this crisis will go to desperate lengths to maintain its position in relation to the emerging anti-imperialist process of the Global South. Regime-change, sanctions, organising coups and outright war are the physical methods by which empire tries to maintain and bolster itself.

2, there is a campaign of lies and manipulation in the media, with empire trying to make people think white supremacy has gone, and that subjugation is actually freedom and liberation. So the nato blitz of Libya and regime-change there was actually freeing the Libyan people, and the rule of scores of murdering militias there is actually democracy.

This is also done cultural level with the white power structure managing to succeed in convincing many of our young people that they not need be concerned with the freedom struggle of the African/Afrikan people especially, but all the while using black cultural forms to divide young people from anti-imperialist concerns.

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