Friday, 20 April 2012


'Promoting the Turkish model of Islam across the Arab world is an American project'  

(This is a quote from an article in Today’s Zaman, October 5, 2011, quoted in a longer and interesting piece by by usa-based imperialist risk analysts, Jamestown - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm)

As Turkey reached an agreement with the U.S. to install NATO’s radar units in Turkey, Iran failed to drag Turkey out of the West. It further isolated Iran in the region.

Turkey’s decision to support American plans in the Middle East have deeply disturbed Iran. Because there is no neighboring state for Iran to build an alliance with, Iran will build alliances with non-state actors. It is a well-known fact that Iran has had alliances with Hezbollah, Ansar al-Sunnah, Hamas, etc.

The AKP government has pulled Hamas away from Iran’s influence. As an outcome of an arrangement between Turkey and Hamas, the organization shut down its offices in Damascus. At this stage, the best option for Iran is to build a Shiite and Kurdish alliance.

 As we look at the interests of both the Kurds and the Shiites there is ground to build such an alliance. Turkey’s moderate Islamic model is a direct challenge to the Iranian model of Islam. Promoting the Turkish model of Islam across the Arab world is an American project

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brian said...

yes..the kurds....Turkey has its very own insurgency waiting to be primed for action...