Sunday, 29 April 2012


Keep in mind that the director of the film is none other than white supremacist foolish director of 'last king of scotland', which has to be one of the most anti-African racist films I seen of late. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Tweets from Akala on the Bob Marley film:

"Saw the Bob Marley doc the other day. Did not like it"

"The fact that the most important living Marley is not in the doc tells you alot about it's credibility" [Damian Marley]

"In my opinion it was very shallow and did not really examine Bobs revolutionary significance. Instead it tries to make him 'digestible'"

"It feels more like an advert than a serious doc about a revolutionary figure."

"it's presents the facts of what Bob Did, like performing at Zimbabwean independence (out of his own pocket) BUT ..... Completely ignores the significance of that as if he almost just did it by accident."

"It also is completely impotent on the actual politics of Jamaica in that period in relation to world affairs."

"It also tries to give the impression that prejudice against 'light skinned' ppl in Jamaica is actually a serious problem which is laughable"

"The reverse is the reality and 'light skinned' Jamaicans occupy, generally, a privileged and arrogant social class."

"The same Jamaica that talks about 'good hair' and 'high colour' apparently hates light skinned ppl?? Do me a favour will ya"

"every Jamaican on here probably heard the saying 'anyting too black cyant good' such is the reality of the self hate"

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freeignace said...

Sounds like another attempt to domesticate a lion. The cultural workers for white supremacy have spent decades revising Dr. King, Malcolm X and others. Bob's continuing popularity requires the softening of his image. Anyone really listening knows that Bob is an African Revolutionary. His work is the soundtrack for the on going African Liberation Struggle, despite the best efforts of liberals to remake him as a Jamaican hippie. As far as the lighter skin folks being subject to discrimination, in a white supremacist world that actively operates under a color hierarchy with white at the top, that's just more divide and conquer propaganda from whites, a ploy used successfully for too many centuries. Embrace Blackness, despite complexion. Remember Peter's words: Don't care where you come from, if your complexion's high or your complexion's low, if you're black, you're an African. Uhuru!