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Ignore the beheadeding of a Sri Lankan woman in Saudi, worry about how Asma Assad dresses

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
20 April 2012

The above picture is page 20 from the british guardian newspaper of 19 April 2012. The main top story is a totally boring story of how pro-regime change country's ambassadors wives to Syria are campaigning against Asma Assad, the wife of President Assad. It focuses on Asma Assad's clothes, and other inane nothingness. The kind of desperate propaganda campaign against Syria that one has come to expect from imperialist media.

Here is some of the really important information on what is happening in Syria in the article: "On Syrian TV on Wednesday Asma avoided any hint of glamour, dressing down in a sweater over a simple dress with her hair braided and pinned up. Her husband wore a polo shirt with an identity pass on a ribbon around his neck, like other volunteers. The two packed boxes, sealed them with Scotch tape and carried them over to stacks of aid awaiting distribution."

How fascinating! Nearly as interesting as the alleged emails between the president and his wife, emails which showed nothing interesting at all, but actually back fired on the imperialist media in humanising the couple, admitted by the fools which pass as 'journalists' at the guardian themselves.

There is then the typically gushing story about one of imperialism's favourite agents in the world, no not the trickster which is the Dalai Lama, but Ang Su Kyi, who, when she isn't posing for pictures with western idiots like british prime minister cameron, she is going on about how she misses "my Oxford", she perhaps misses hobnobbing with all manner of people in the british intelligence community.

The second story from bottom on the furthest right-hand column is a story which reads: "A woman could face the death penalty by beheading after she was arrested on suspicion of casting a spell on a 13-year-old girl during a family shopping trip, a police spokesperson said yesterday. The Daily Okaz reported that a Saudi man complained that during a family shopping trip, his daughter suddenly began "acting in an abnormal way and that happened after she came close to the Sri Lankan woman." The Sri Lankan woman was in a large shopping mall in the port city of Jeddah. "He reported her to the security forces, asking for her arrest and the specialised units dealt with the situation swiftly and succeeded in arresting her," Okaz reported on Wednesday. Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, is an absolute monarchy that has no written criminal code and where court rulings are based on judges' interpretation of Islamic Sharia law."

You can see the priorities of the brits, including in their liberal-left broadsheet that a regime that has no pretence of any kind of respect for its citizens (especially if they are non-Muslim and non-Arab people of the Global South) is less of a concern that the clothes of the wife of the Syrian president, or how a british tool in Myanmar wants to go hang out with her white friends in Oxford.

Brits right across the political spectrum from far-right to far-left and everything in between will fawn and defer to the monarchist dictatorship of Saudi Arabia more than comparatively (or incomparably?) more progressive and secular Syria. Where is trickery clinton, the great champion of feminism when it comes to this brutality in Saudi? She is too busy planning her war games against Syria.

The reason why the west is so pro-Saudi is that is historically the Saudi state is a creation of the brits, a state constructed as insurance for british interests in the region. Saudi will do all it can to scupper any real independence movement of the region. One example is this is the Saudis begging the usa to bomb Iran, or in the refined language of the Saudi regime: "cut off the head of the snake".

The other reason why the brits across the political spectrum prefer Saudi over progressive and independent states in the region is that Saudi is a major supplier of oil to imperialism and Saudi has major arms contracts with the brits which has caused scandal and controversy.

The west have been successful in directing the Arab uprisings to knock out the west's enemies, and ensure the on-going stability and rise in power in the region of Saudi and the other british created Gulf monarchies such as Qatar (host to usa army's biggest military base in the region - 'centcom'), Bahrain and UAE.

It is also the Saudi state which backs most of the mosques in britain, and teaches its, let's say unique version of Islam, keeping the masses of Muslims in britain in step with the nation's foreign policy. So while many Saudi-backed mosques in britain refuse to have any political discussion about anything that will challenge imperialism across the Muslim world, they will however openly promote regime change in Syria through raising 'charity funds' for example for the counter-revolutionaries in Syria. However, the rulers of Saudi know very well that they too could be up for regime change if their imperialist masters so wish. Former King Faisal is said by some to have been killed with western hands behind the assassination, as Faisal was seen to be too independent especially after using the oil weapon in 1973.

Once the Saudi state is overthrown by he people of that country, everything in the region and in the wider Muslim community throughout the world will see a historical shift away from anti-human ideology of the Saudi state, and Muslims in the world will develop movements inspired by Islam that have a clear outlook on the rights of the peoples, people-centred development and anti-imperialist strategies that seek to free the Muslim peoples. For the time being, we are seeing too many people allying with the brits and the Saudis against the people of the region, and also allying with imperialist ambassador's wives whose arrogance is only matched by their jealousy towards Asma Assad.

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