Monday, 12 March 2012


Clearly facebook, twitter etc are not tools for us, but are tools for our enemies to use against us.

These types of charges are intended to close down the anti-imperialist views of our youth, views which are informed by the brutality of the occupation of Afghanistan by nato. It's important that young people dont stop talking and expressing their views about this, at the same time its incumbent that those of us who are more experienced in expressing anti-imperialist politics assist and support our youth who want to express themselves in this way.

More often than not, those are targeted who are relatively isolated. Those who are more known and experienced, generally do not get charged. This does not mean that anyone who is more experienced and networked wont get harassed by the state and police, they often do.

I suppose the point I am making is that we dont get intimidated by developments like this, at the same time developments like this demand that we know how to navigate these issues better.

What young Azhar Ahmed actually said on facebook was very mild, you can read it HERE, actually it is a fair comment that needs wider public discussion. Sons of Malcolm is making a few enquiries with friends as to assist setting up a campaign to defend him.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Teen charged over Facebook post on UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan


A teenager has been charged in connection with comments he made on Facebook after the deaths of six UK soldiers in Afghanistan.

Azhar Ahmed, 19, posted comments on his Facebook page bemoaning the level of attention the British soldiers received in comparison with the Afghan civilian victims of the conflict.

He has now been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence in connection with the posting after being arrested last week.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire police said: 'He didn't make his point very well and that is why he has landed himself in bother.'

Mr Ahmed, from Fir Avenue, Ravensthorpe, is due before Dewsbury Magistrates Court on March 20.

The six soldiers in question died when their Warrior armoured vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb last week in what was the deadliest attack upon UK forces in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001.

Sergeant Nigel Coupe, 33, of First Battalion the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, died alongside Corporal Jake Hartley, 20, Private Anthony Frampton, 20, Private Christopher Kershaw, 19, Private Daniel Wade, 20, and Private Daniel Wilford, 21, all of Third Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.

Their deaths took the UK death-toll since the start of the Afghan campaign to 404.

Their bodies are due to be repatriated this week when they are flown back to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire on March 15.

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