Wednesday, 14 March 2012


[White brother in question, with some friends of Sons of Malcolm]

I got this text below from a good friend the other day. He is an anti-fascist skinhead, and has done his bit of the last decade or more in directly confronting the far-right, and when he does confront, he makes sure the job's done well. In a country where white working class brothers like this are few and far apart, its important to highlight the militant anti-fascist tradition amongst a section of the English working class.

Sons of Malcolm has reported on this before, for example in THIS post.

The state is whipping up the white English working class against Asians and non-whites yet again over the ridiculous harassment of young brother Azhar Ahmed. This seems like a clear policy to further divide working class people at a time when the working class should be uniting for the collective rights in this current economic mess we are in. It also serves to try and reign back some moral highground over the occupation of Afghanistan by British troops and nato, exactly at the time where the disgusting actions of the occupation are enraging Afghans and people all over the world.

In these times, white militant anti-fascists and anti-racists are important allies in the struggle against white supremacy and empire. Indeed, white supremacy and empire and also the enemies of the white working class, as it keeps them closer to their enemies in the ruling classes, rather than potential allies of working class people.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

"Was in a local pub with my ladyfriend at a quiz. The quizzmaster started singing a football song about pakistani bashing. So I called him a knob and stated the fact that it was shite he was spewing forth. His mate came across and I told him too. I stared him out and he knutted me in the head. I didnt flinch and stood up. The expression on his face changed to a worried look. He should be. I gave him a right hander and he went down on the bar. The bar was full and no one else said a word to me. Stayed and apologised to the landlord when we left after a few drinks."

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