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It should also be stated that the it Belgian colonialism that started the amputation of limbs in Africa, when they conducted massive genocide in what is today the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also, while many believe that Native Americans started 'scalping' in the usa, it was actually the white european settlers who initiated this against Native Americans.  

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


The United States, the other "good guy" in Kony 2012's imaginary world invented the modern African child soldier in the late1970s and early 80s, so their commitment to "ending child soldiers" is a bit suspect. Apartheid South Africa was bordered Portuguese ruled Angola and Mozambique, with their own vicious versions of apartheid until 1974. In that year, despite massive US and NATO aid, the Portuguese army rebelled, refused to continue fighting against African independence and overthrew its own government at home. White South Africa was deeply threatened by having independent black regimes now at its borders. So, with US funding it helped create and arm "contra" guerilla forces, UNITA in Angolan and RENAMO in Mozambique to burn schools and clinics, to mine orchards and roads, commit mass rapes, mutilations and murders, terrorizing citizens in their own country. Lacking foreign troops or popular support , but with US aid and plenty of firepower, UNITA and RENAMO hit upon the innovation of kidnapping and enslaving child soldiers to carry out their despicable mission. Both were effusively praised and lavishly funded by Barack Obama's favorite president Ronald Reagan, and their leaders welcomed at the White House

In his chilling 2003 essay, Barefoot,Sick, Hungry and Afraid - The Real US Policy in Africa, my colleague Glen Ford described how the chaos and social demoralization spread by Western financed armies of nihilistic child soldiers made them an ideal tool for use in whenever the West needs to delay or prevent the emergence of African civil societies and central governments which might succumb to popular demands to develop a country's resources for its people rather than to benefit foreign interests. This strategy was employed in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and elsewhere. "Failed states" infested by murderous child soldiers in the 80s and 90s proved to be incredibly good business environments for (mostly) Western extraction of hundreds of billions worth of timber, gold, diamonds, coltan and other vital African resources, and ultimately excuses to come in and install Rwandan and Ugandan-style dictatorships.

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