Monday, 12 March 2012


[the silly white boys behind the Kony2012 campaign]

There is a stupid campaign in the asocial media to go after Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. First thing wrong with that is that he isn't in Uganda and hasn't been for some six year.

I regard the campaign as total fraud which has only one real aim which is to enrich its initiators. The charitythat runs the campaign, Invisible Children, uses 70% of the money it gets for administration and marketing. As it is not even audited the number that really goes to the cause may be far less than 30%.

But there are lots of other issues with this and other such campaigns and by now a lot of smart people have written about those (see links below).

The first issue is that killing someone like Kony and his gang, as the U.S. tried three years ago and is now again trying, may not be the solution of the problem:
‘Kony 2012′, quite dubiously, avoids stepping into the  ‘peace-justice’ question in northern Uganda precisely because it is a world of contesting and plural views, eloquently expressed by the northern Ugandans themselves. Some reports suggest that the majority of Acholi people continue to support the amnesty process whereby LRA combatants – including senior officials – return to the country in exchange for amnesty and entering a process of ‘traditional justice’. Many continue to support the Ugandan Amnesty law because of the reality that it is their own children who constitute the LRA. Once again, this issue is barely touched upon in the film. Yet the LRA poses a stark dilemma to the people of northern Uganda: it is now composed primarily of child soldiers, most of whom were abducted and forced to join the rebel ranks and commit atrocities.Labeling them “victims” or “perpetrators” becomes particularly problematic as they are often both.Furthermore, the crisis in northern Ugandan is not seen by its citizens as one that is the result of the LRA. Yes, you read that right. The conflict in the region is viewed as one wherein both the Government of Uganda and the LRA, as well as their regional supporters (primarily South Sudan and Khartoum, respectively) have perpetrated and benefited from nearly twenty-five years of systemic and structural violence and displacement. This pattern is what Chris Dolan has eloquently and persuasively termed ‘social torture‘ wherein both the Ugandan Government and the LRA’s treatment of the population has resulted in symptoms of collective torture and the blurring of the perpetrator-victim binary.
As many smart people have written about the campaign by now I have an excuse to be lazy and to just leave you with links to them.
This campaign is just proof that the rise of the 'White Savior Industrial Complex' is one of the worst developments in recent years.

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