Monday, 19 March 2012


Farrakhan: 'The usa are already at war with China and Russia!'

Minister Louis Farrkhan of the Nation of Islam comes with the goods once again in his St Savious speech this year. Sons of Malcolm doesnt agree with everything about the Nation of Islam, but there is much to respect and positively appreciate too. During the nato aggression against Libya last year, no one more than Minister Farrakhan made the insightful and forceful critiques of that war, his contribution along with Chavez, and less so Ortega and Cynthia McKinney made a huge difference to the issue at the time, when too many people were befuddled and fooled by the empire.

In this clip from the speech Minister Farrakhan states what the Sons of Malcolm have been stating for many years, that the usa is not about to go to war with China and Russia, but that the usa is already at war with China and Russia. War is not a policy of imperialism, but a permanent fixture which seeks to give itself new life on the blood and deaths of millions. 

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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