Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Mosque speaker confirms arrival of dozens of Benghazi rebels to Syria

On March 9, the independent Libyan New Quryna website carried the following exclusive report: 

“The speaker of the Jureir mosque in the Bouhdeima city of Benghazi, Sheikh Imad al-Darsi, spoke about the arrival of dozens of revolutionaries from Benghazi and the Eastern region to Syria to support their brothers among the Mujahidin. During the Friday sermon today, he added that Jihad in Syria was the obligation of each and every Muslim, saying that this was due to the violations to which the Muslims were subjected over there and the raping of women by Bashar al-Assad’s brigades in all the Syrian cities rebelling against him. Al-Darsi indicated that Benghazi’s revolutionaries in particular and Libya’s revolutionaries in general would be honored to participate in the combat alongside their Syrian brothers, to help them achieve victory over the Syrian tyrant. “The speaker continued: “The revolutionaries in the Eastern region wish to participate in Syria’s liberation from the grip of Bashar al-Assad, his brigades, thugs and mercenaries who spread corruption, killing and rape,” calling on the Libyans to engage in the Jihad whether by offering funds, participating in the fight or praying for their besieged brothers in Syria. It is worth mentioning that three among Benghazi’s revolutionaries were martyred in the ongoing fighting in Baba Amr in Homs at the hands of the Syrian army last month. The three men were brothers Talal Walid al-Fitouri and Ahmad Walid al-Fitouri, and their friend Ahmad Jalal al-Akouri…”

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