Thursday, 16 February 2012


In a surprising article of honesty by one of Australia's mainstream media outlet, the issue of violent sectarianism developing out of the western backed counterrevolution against Syria is made clear. Also, I should had added this also to my article on the growing anti-Shia tide in the region in this article.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


I spoke to Sunnis, Shias, and Christians, to Kurds, Arabs, Circassians, Assyrians and Armenians. While many pointedly complimented the apparent good character of the president (referred to at such times as 'Dr Bashar Al Assad') all readily expressed in detail their disgust at poor governance for too long. In the street, in shared taxi vans, in cafes, markets, and private homes the Syrians are not afraid to talk politics any more. Indeed they seemed particularly anxious to do so. But their mood is pessimistic. "Whatever revolution there was is now destroyed by armed criminals and their masters," sighed a Sunni man wearily.

"What are your so-called Christian leaders in Australia thinking?" shrieked a Christian woman in a candlelit Aleppo home. "Don't they realise our freedoms in Syria are the envy of other Arab countries – and impossible in Qatar?! If Bashar (Al Assad) goes, we will be lambs to the slaughter."

"Would Mme Clinton be so sure of herself if her nephew was kidnapped like this?" asked another Christian in Damascus. "Because, you know, he would not get those four choices."

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