Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Israeli officials have publicly announced that it had contacts with prominent activists within the Syrian opposition. They say the opposition has promised to negotiate with israel after the Assad regime is overthrown. People should also see this post regarding the vice prime minister of israel talking up the fall of Assad. Furthermore, this post quoting an opinion piece from the Washington Post as to the real agenda behind the western and regional pro-western attack on Syria, ie., that it is to weaken the regional obstacles and resistance to total empire domination.
- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Translation into English by: Amigos de Siria

Israeli Knesset member Yitzhag Herzog revealed he was having contacts with the Syrian opposition represented by the National Council. This has provided a clearer position whereby Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will announce his solidarity with the Syrian opposition.

Yitzhag Herzog - member of the Israeli Knesset: "I am in contact with Syrian opposition activists, belonging to the main opposition party, the National Council. I think it is time for Israel to show a moral stance toward the Syrian opposition, without affirming it publicly because it could hurt the opposition . I hope the Prime Minister will announce open support to the Syrian people. Opposition has indicated its intention to negotiate with Israel after the fall of the Assad regime. " Used to obtain the Security Council resolutions most convenient, most often due to U.S. veto, Israel has expressed anger over the veto of China and Russia, which has hampered the project against the Arab-western conflict with Syria, calling the measure a step back in the United Nations. Gabriella Shaliv – former delegate of Israel at the UN: "Undoubtedly, the UN is in ruins and at risk of breakdown.

The Security Council is in a state of regression. It's unable to protect innocent citizens killed by the regime in Syria. This undermines the moral foundation of the UN unable to stop the massacres against the innocent. Syrian opposition shouldn't be left alone. However, Israel's position is more complicated because we do not want interference from the United Nations in our conflict with the Palestinians." Israel has advised the U.S. and West to take more effective measures against the Syrian regime. Thus, they have been taken decisions for the expulsion of the ambassadors, the suspension of flights to and from Damascus, and new economic pressures on the middle class in Damascus and Aleppo, so that they join the opposition against the regime. Itamar Rabinovic - former Israeli ambassador to the United States: "For Israel, it is better that the regime of Bashar al-Assad fall. It has helped Hezbollah even more than Iran.

Israel will be happy with the fall of the regime of Bashar Al Assad." The Israelis mocked the failure of U.S. attempts to topple the Assad regime. Some commentators have described the action of the U.S. ambassador in Damascus as ostentatious.

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