Sunday, 5 February 2012



Iconic Cuban leader Fidel Castro has personally presented a two-volume memoir, entitled ‘Fidel Castro Ruz: Partisan of Time,’ in his first public appearance since April 2011. The nearly thousand-page memoir tells Castro's story from childhood to 1958, a short time before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. The 85-year-old politician spoke with an audience for nearly six hours about various political issues, including the situation in Syria, Iran and Latin America.


According to Granma newspaper, in a meeting held this Friday in the Convention Palace, the leader took advantage of the launching of the two-volume book which ranges from his childhood until December 1958, before the triumph of the Revolution, to discuss current issues.

In this sense he commented he reads hundreds of news dispatches every day, particularly following in detail the situation in Venezuela, where its president Hugo Chavez heads a transformation process focused on social inclusion and regional integrity.

Issues such as the struggles of Latin American students and the world for their rights, the threats to Syria and Iran, the risk of shale gas, prospects for nanotechnology and the importance of Internet were addressed by Fidel Castro.

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