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Respect and love to the Lawrence family for the outcome. 18 years for some sort of justice. Malcolm X said justice is when the knife is out of your back and reparations for the injury, not putting the knife a few inches out. We will keep our black fists up, as the picture of Stephen shows. But Stephen was the acceptable face of the anti-racist struggle, others were never given the same exposure like Satpal Ram, cos he fought his attackers back, and was jailed for many years as a result. And finally, some Black brothers have told me direct rough justice should have been served, esp when Stephen's murderers were spitting and throwing punches at us at that court hearing, remember that?

Sukant Chandan - Sons of Malcolm

Full statements from Doreen and Neville Lawrence here

Extracts (source): 

Doreen Lawrence, whose 18-year campaign for justice finally saw two men jailed for the murder of her son Stephen on Tuesday, has warned that Britain is still blighted by racism.

Lawrence said in an interview with the Guardian that "thousands of families" were being denied justice by the police, 18 years after they failed to catch the killers of her son, because of "the colour of my skin".


She said the plaque in south London placed in memory of her son was still subject to attack. "It is very worrying. When my name or Stephen's name is mentioned in the press the plaque gets attacked … it is incredibly painful; what have we done?"


Lawrence said the government needed to play its part to meet a promise to tackle prejudice and discrimination: "I do feel occasionally that things are rolling back. After the inquiry there was a sense that all the institutions wanted to do the right thing, they wanted to change. But I don't hear people talking like that anymore.

"I don't know whether they believe that it's been accomplished, that racism has been eradicated, but the reality is that it hasn't. What's happened is that racism still exists but it is not so overt, that doesn't mean it is not still there and in some ways it is worse having it underground."


"After 18 years we are still struggling and we shouldn't have to."

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Anonymous said...

She said it beautifully!
At least this act of racism has been adressed albeit many years later.
How do the NATO countries, Britain included allow to have what did and what continues to happen in Libya?
I speak of the massacre, the torture and the imprisonment of the black people from Towerga & others in the land. Allowing many innocent people who had nothing to do with anything to be rounded up, imprisoned, beaten and tortured to death by the thousands? How do you dare to call yourselves civilized or even "democratic" when you permit these things to happen during and as a result of your war on Libya. Demoniacal is the word that comes to my mind. Someone please explain why our supposedly civilized societies are going backwards & becoming barbaric, immoral and unethical. The very leaders we expect to show outstanding leadership in matters that affect human beings around the globe have become dismally disappointing & shocking in their actions. Ordinary human beings who are outraged must stop hiding their heads in the sands and speak out and demand changes immediately. If not, we are all damned and doomed!