Saturday, 17 December 2011


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DR Congo ambassador to Zimbabwe - Mr Mwanapanga Mwana Nanga (MN) - on the elections in DRC, speaking to the Deputy News Editor Lovemore Chikova (LC) of the Zim-based Herald

LC: What is the situation in the DRC following the announcement of the election results amid fears that the country could slide back into civil war?

MN: The situation is pretty much calm right now. What has happened is that the opposition leaders wanted to bring the people onto the streets, but the people see that these people who are calling them are not credible. Let's take Tshisekedi (Etienne). Do you know who Tshisekedi is? Tshisekedi started his political career in the secession over southern Kasai, you know the diamond country, when they wanted to secede?

He wanted to be part of that government in the early 60s. He played a big role in the betrayal and arrest of the late Congo leader Patrice Lumumba. He has always been on the opposite side of the progressive African forces and has no credibility.

LC: Opposition candidate Mr Tshisekedi has rejected the election results and declared himself the winner. Why would you say he is not right?

MN: Remember, this election was the most transparent ever in DRC in the sense that after the vote, the results had to be tabulated right there at the polling station. They had to be counted there and after counting they had to take the results and display them at the polling station and were signed by witnesses of all the candidates.

If you declare yourself the winner in one day you say you won by 75 percent and the next day you say you won 54 percent, so which is the result. They say all these results are based on the tabulation and copies that they have, so they have no case. They have brought the case to the Supreme Court, but I am sure that they will not win that case.

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