Friday, 2 December 2011


Sons of Malcolm always seeks to check and double check the veracity of statements in relation to the struggles of the Global South, including Libya. We have found out from reliable sources that Siser Aisha Gadaffi HAS NOT made this statement. Sons of Malcolm apologises for putting this statement out without checking, and will seek to ensure such as mistake does not happen again. Apologies to Sister Aisha and the rest of our brothers and sisters. - Sukant Chandan

[Translated for Sons of Malcolm, thanks to 'I.A Libya']

The letter of Dr. Aisha Gadaffi, on the 40th day of the passing of the soldier Moammar Gaddafi

Those who weep for the martyr Moammar Gaddafi, Moammer Gaddafi represents glory, dignity and splendour, Muammar Gaddafi represents pride, redemption generosity and courage.

Moammar Gaddafi who made colonizers kneel and kiss the hand of the son of Omar el Mokhtar [referring to the Libyan visit to Rome in June 2009 when Mohammed El-Mokhtar accompanied Gaddafi to meet Berlusconi - I.A Libya]. Moammar Gaddafi, protector of the innocent and the last of the true leaders. Moammar Gaddafi has not left us, he remains in the hearts of our children, in the palms of the free and in the guns of the resistance.

To the nation, the heroic martyred soldier has not let you down, has not deserted you, he has stayed true to his promise, he presented to you the martyred lion Al-Mutassim B'Allah, and the martyred lion Khamis, and the martyred lion Saif El-Arab and the prisoner of war Saif El-Islam and he sacrificed himself on the land of his forefathers defending his country and his people.

Heroes of Libya, free people of Libya, what will you present to him in return? What will you present to him to show the world, grandchildren and kids of the martyr Moammar Gaddafi. What will they do? Take revenge on your martyr, and engrave on your Guns (Beliefs supported by women are strong enough as it is, and even stronger with the support of men), Protest against the theatrical comedy that is the new government that came on the back of the NATO planes and planted itself on top of the skulls of Libyans.

And to you the traitorous conspirators, the day will come when you will regret your actions like the Shia'a regret the killing of Hussein. To the men and women who are fighting, do not forget my Father's words when he said, continue with the resistance even if my voice does not reach you.

And finally I will conclude with the words of my martyred brother the "Guevara of Arabs", Mutassim B'Allah that echoed the following through both the relaxed and intense times: "The splendour of life is that we die like we love & live in the shadows of our graves"



Enrique Ferro said...

This is the beautiful call to her people of a woman who lost father, child, husband, brothers, all murdered by psychopathic bloodthirsty imperialists and their minions, a heroic call to freedom and dignity. It cannot be forgotten until her land is taken back by its people and children.
Aisha will live, Libya will live!

FreeSaif said...

A very brave and well spoken statement after the loss of her brothers and father.FREE Libya will rise again!!

Laurency1 said...

Dear Sukant, both the speech and the refutation of the speech stems from likely reliable proJamahiriya sources. Please, we need to know from Dr. Aisha herself, what is really true. It has become difficult to know what is reliable information for the moment. Please check if this refutation really stems from Dr. Aisha.
Kindest regards