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Brother Carlos Martinez AKA Agent of Change stated on his facebook:

Here is Congolese opposition candidate Etienne Tshisekedi's appeal to George W Bush in 2001: "Under the dictatorial regimes of Mobutu and the Kabilas the United States and American investors have suffered legal insecurity, pillaging, and forced disinvestments in Congo. A Congo governed by the rule of law, on the other hand, will not only avoid these errors of the past but offer many political and economic benefits to the United States. Private investment by US businesses will be necessary to rebuild every aspect of Congo's neglected infrastructure."

Pretty clear where his loyalties lie. Why are the various liberal/left organisations lining up to denounce Kabila and support Tshisekedi?

Brother Fred Dahlmann replies:

The facist UDPS is dominating the Congolese political scene in Belgium and the west in general, political awareness among it's followers is astonishingly poor.What I see here in Belgium with the left is that although the communist party here contains sincerely revolutionary and internationally minded elements, they neglect the necessity of interracial solidarity being a continuous ideological struggle, dismissing the issue with theories around "lumpen proletariat" , "factionalism threat", "pure class revolution", etc etc. Result of this neglect is that it doesn't attract many congolese /africans here. Which is a shame because the party founding member wrote pretty good books on Congo's revolutionaries. It has come to a point where when you defend publicly Kabila they can easily come with anti imperialist/white populist rhetoric,treating you as a white man's sell-out,etc. While actually their leader is the one clearly selling himself to the west. When you think about it from their perspective, they're not totally wrong , why would an average Congolese black person here in Europe trust an almost all-white communist party....!? This issue must be dealt with if one wants to be of any help to Kabila/BRICS over here.

The electoral results reflect quiet correctly the tendencies in the country. Kinshasa was mostly for Bemba since always, because of his outspoken ways, populism, he speaks western congo language lingala, while kabila speaks the eastern congo language swahili etc . Equateur is Bemba's province. Bemba encouraged his supporters to vote for Tchisekedi. Kasai provinces are the home of Tchiskedi's tribe, so he won there. Bas congo were in conflict with kabila since a long time ago, so they voted for Tchisekedi. The rest of the country voted for Kabila. But one must note that many people did vote for tchiskedi not because they like his ideas but because they are fed up things not moving quick enough. Kabila had to make uncomfortable alliances that gave him a bad name. This will change now because there is only one round of elections, no need to male alliances, he can clean up the place unless west uses this divideto put pressure in order to keep some uncomfortable elements in the governement

You listen to his stuff [Tshisekedi], he's fascist. He has a radical authoritarian nationalist political talk. He is founding member of MPR, Mobutu's totalitarian single party state. He wants a strong military to deal with political tendencies deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration. He want's to get rid of those who trouble the "business climate". He promised to have back all the mining companies that were kicked out by Kabila because they were ripping off the country.

It's also important to know that in Europe you'll find mostly Congolese from Kasai and from Equateur. Kasai is Tchiskedi's tribe,they were the most favored by the Belgiums for education so they were the first to emigrate to Europe(Tchisekedi was actually the first congolese to have a law degree, his supporters like to point that out, to underline that he is an educated man in contrast with Kabila). Equateur is Mobutu's province so you find many from the former mobutu government elements that are nostalgic of the privileges they used to have during mobutu's time.

You'll also see that they often come up with the rape card. Showing kabila as responsible of the alleged rapes occurring in the east congo. Awkwardly, those who come up with this rape card all come from kinshasa and don't know anything of what's really hapenning in the east. They coincidentally scored very low in the east. my Congolese family comes from the east, i can confirm that.

Basically, the move is good, they're organizing themselves properly, one has to respect that, they show discipline they show courage. Basically they want things to get better in their country , but they're on the wrong course. And that's not going to change quickly. The leadership is well organized and they use thugs to beat up Congolese government officials or other people they perceive as "collabos" as they put it. Actually when a high ranking congolese government official come here, the Belgian police have to protect him from his own people, that's already like that since a long time. A friend of mine was observing the election in mbandaka. Ever since she's back, she's receiving threats at her home,letters , attempts to break her marriage, etc, etc so that she doesn't appear as witness that the elections happened properly.

Belgium's position is interesting too. Actually Congo is the only place in the world for which they actually have a say on something.When someone wants to know about congo, they come to belgium or they ask belgian expertise. But what's happening now is that Belgium is slowly but surely loosing ground in favour of the more traditional mining nations, USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa and also France in other sectors. Belgium actually doesn't have that much investment in congo anymore, most of what's left has gone into the hands of world finance through the concentration of wealth phenomenon. So Belgium are being rather opportunistic here and keeping low profile on these events in contrast with france who is being rather aggressive. One issue is probably that Tchisekedi wants to bring some of the big players back which would weaken belgium in the region.

Mulunda's daughter who was on facebook under the name of Georgette Ledgister has had to delete her account since today because of all the threats she was receiving since the results have been announced.

These are the threats found on oppostion supporter facebook pages since announcement of results:" 4,000,000 or 1,000,000 people of Kinshasa using Kabila vehicles, bullet-resistant shields towards strategic targets with foreign mercenaries, will need three hours to clean the kabilist plague in Kinshasa. Search Kabila and his gang.
The story will continue, but will continue otherwise. Cheaters and murderers will not be the masters of our destinies.
The time has come to reverse the balance of power. The time has come to sing the Marseillaise in all cities of the Congo."

by RFI
A Etienne Tshisekedi and his supporters challenge the results. Reached by RFI, the opponent claims to have in turn won the elections: "I consider these statements as a provocation to the Congolese people, said Etienne Tshisekedi. I consider myself now as an elected president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. And thank you for the confidence you have always shown, and I ask you to remain calm, to deal with the aftermath, until I give you the signal"

Etienne Tshisekedi added: "I ask the international community to take steps to not only find a solution to this problem, but also to avoid shedding of Congolese blood"

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