Saturday, 17 December 2011


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DR Congo ambassador to Zimbabwe - Mr Mwanapanga Mwana Nanga (MN) - on the elections in DRC, speaking to the Deputy News Editor Lovemore Chikova (LC) of the Zim-based Herald

LC: Whom do you think is backing Mr Tshisekedi and for what purpose?

MN: I will not accuse any outside power of backing Tshisekedi.

There is no one specifically backing him. His supporters are just a group of disgruntled people, the looters who want chaos. They include some Congolese.

There are some companies that were created by ex-Rhodies and relocated to Canada and Australia. They were looting our resources and they were kicked out. These are some of the guys behind Tshisekedi because they know if he comes to power they return to continue looting with impunity.

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