Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Update from Bani Walid

[I have received this information from a third party who is in touch with people in Bani Walid - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm]

According to a phone call to an eye witness he told me that there was ferocious fighting today (23th 11 2011).

It erupted as nato rebels came to arrest some people in the city, they came with about 20 armed cars. However this provoked the local residents so they resisted as people feel they are being targeted and ethnically cleansed for their stand against the nato intervention in Libya.

The fighting resulted in the martyrdom of 4 civilians and the death of 8 nato rebels . Four cars have been captured and three burnt by local residents.

Please we need help and support for our families who are being slaughtered in Bani Walid and other parts of our beloved Libya under the so called Libyan revolution who terorise anyone who criticises them. The media is not reporting this and is very biased.


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