Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hes actually being treated exceptionally well here brother Sukant. The zintan brigades leader, the short guy says we need to get him some medicine and ordered someone to make a run out to the hospital for supplie, Saif then asks "is this taping", the guy replies in a very polite way , I think we have the right to videotape you and Saif said nothing. Some of the rebels keep asking him if hes ok and he replies "good thank God" and then they say "we have water or juice" "which would you like" and they also said we are preparing dinner for you.... but I think Saif refuses the offer of dinner. Then at the very end he is telling them some of his story.

It is VERY VERY interesting because they sincerely seem to be treating him well. As I was telling ********, the Zintan brigade have been painted in a very bad light recently, being accused of robbery, killings, rapes etc. over the past 2 months in Tripoli... so it may be a tactic to clean up their image by over NICENESS or there could be something else going on. Honestly, I have no idea.


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Re: article posted in previous comment:

Perhaps Saif felt betrayed by "those nice people with jackets and ties, flying in on private jets from Paris and London."people he believed were allies of Libya but later showed their true intentions in the rape of Libya and exposed themselves as the "common enemies" of all Islamic nations.

This certainly gives Saif common ground with his captors.