Saturday, 6 August 2011


Sister V

Just wanted to say that me, as a whitey, I never felt offended by so called 'reverse racism' (which is surprisingly rare if you ask me) , maybe it made me feel a little bit uncomfortable having to prove "I am not like this, yes, I am part of the oppression, but I detest it, please can I help fight myself" ;)

but I did, foolishly, like, and fell a bit for that idea that it is not so much about 'race' but rather about 'class' or 'power hungriness' , the 'capitalist system' alone etc. and that we shouldn't concentrate too much on Black/white but rather unite together against the 'colorless' system. It's just so convenient and made me feel a lot better about myself ;) shifting the blame you know.

But the problem with this line of thought is that we are basically ignoring REALITY , observable hard fact injustice: that indeed OVERWHELMINGLY - on the whole- white oppresses Black, in history as well as now. europe and the us suppress Latin America, Africa etc. Domestically whites have better jobs more prospects better living standards and Black have to fight a 'justice' system that systematically tries to incarcerates and disenfranchise them.

Just because, the oppressed sometimes also oppresses the oppressed doesn't change that reality,i.e. The VERY WHITE system, that we have to face up to and try to overthrow.

And I just feel that white people often use this 'reverse racism' card or superior moral, idealist or 'socialist' ideology to quieten down legitimate and healthy , indeed NECESSARY discontent that may lead to revolt and overthrow of this system.

Also I find it patronizing, as in a way as a white person, like it or not , we are part of the oppression, so we shouldn't try to teach Black people how, in what manner to fight us/overselves, if you get me ;)

Lastly , I don't think that once Black Power rises, they will suddenly become 'the same', or 'imperialist' and take it out on the whites (but if some do, c'est la vie , ha ha)

Indeed, I think that that's a white man's caricature of black struggle . For two reasons:
First, if one looks at resistance , for example Indigenous or Aborigines, they don't fight for privatization or more coca-cola (i.e unjust distribution of wealth and poverty) but for preserving their culture, way of life, land, self- sufficiency and equality, it's not so much about living 'better' but more about living 'good' .

Second, I think this way of reasoning, that if Black people realize their power, they become just as bad as us ...

(by the way I am sure is an utter lie if we look at black history, which we are unfortunately not taught enough about or if so, distorted by white interpretation/for example African slavery was a form of punishment for severe crimes, and a slave had the possibility to free themselves, and anyway, they didn't do it on a mass scale for pure profit as the white men did already before and more after)

... is a TOOL that white people use because then we just have this convenient, dreamy, magic formula 'we are all equal' , but we ignore the real inequality, and we thereby, involuntarily maybe, but nevertheless, help justify the status quo, that we claim to be against,

as if racism was a separate entity or just a symptom , when in fact, this REFUSAL to ACKNOWLEDGE racism as the very function and MOTOR to the extreme injustice and inequality and destruction in the world, is one of the main causes and hindrance to fight it. Because it stops thinking further, it's uncreative, and most importantly, that way they don't have to self-reflect and keep their superior attitude, i.e keep racism alive.

(Sorry, this got so long, and thanks for bothering to read ;))

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autonomous anonymous said...

the question of race class and sex are questions that can be answered neither separately nor hierarchically; either anti racism or class, or sex; or firstly sex, then race then class, etc...

I've come across people specifically fighting for feminism, for class, for race, and have been called a racist, misogynist, capitalist for arguing against them, I'm often left wondering whether the person I've been discussing these things with actually cares for the people they are seeking to fight for or whether they are simply fighting for their own little political corner - in which they will hopefully persue a career...
of course every time there are a barrage of points, similar to the ones listed here that 'prove' that there oppression is the worst. briefly they amount to how the confluence, that is, how the relationship between class, sex and race intersect and cross over each other. From the feminist perspective the most oppressed people in the working class's and throughout the world amongst all colours and nations, are women. because below the oppressed black man is his oppressed wife, still tied to the bonds of wifedom, under the oppressed workers, the wife, etc. one can see how this can be repeated for all the terms: of all black people it is the black worker who is most oppressed...

appealing to the 'reality' of the situation does little other than show a preference for western logic, where the 'reality' in question is reduced to the one that fits your argument.

The question that must be asked concerning these problems, that is the problems of race, class and sex is when are those who profess to fight for them, fight for those who are most under the oppressive weight of our current system (most often black working class women, taking the above exercise to it's logical conclusion) and stop bitching and squabbling about which oppression is worse than the other.

there is a contradiction, a paradox in this world, if there is not one in your head then you do not see the reality of the situation. One, which is correctly not that of 'we are all equal' but equally so, it is not as simple as black and white.

a disappointed comrade