Monday, 15 August 2011



Afro London said...

preach bro...this what sadden me about UK, what you said is true about the Wiley, the Giggs, the Dizzie and all dem rappers covering social issues in their own way but they speak as artist whose aim is to be economically succesful first n foremost not as agent of social changes! Once succesful they too will also project these unattainable signs of wealth to most of their peers. With their cars, bling bling, fancy clothes n fresh trainers...I love the grime culture, the music etc but the scope of the lyrics is just low, it bores me listenning to it, the appeal of grime lyrics is limited to a tiny minority. In contrast yes, 2pac lyrics were universal, cross-generational, cross-gender and timeless. In the UK I havent yet heard anybody with such depth in Urban culture. I still hope n pray that one artist pops-up and manage the juggle of succesful career, economic success with smart and culturally educated activism....We are not in the USA! UK Black culture is only 2 generation from Motherland. Who asked us to deny our roots when they are so close? Black UK MUST look into Africa and link its destiny to Motherland to find answers, same for Asian kids....otherwise we are in deep shit! Music is the Weapon - Peace x

Sukant Chandan said...

thanks for your interesting and intelligent comment brother Afro London :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sukant, thank you for your bravery and defending the truth in Libya. Looks like many reporters were bought. Is there anything that can be done to help the towns under siege?