Saturday, 20 August 2011


PALESTINIAN RESISTANCE WANTS TO RE-FOCUS PRO-WEST 'ARAB SPRING' INTO AN ANTI-IMPERIALIST/ANTI-ZIONIST STRUGGLE: One cannot understand Palestine without understanding nato/AJE/zionist moves against Libya, Syria, Lebanon. nato trying to make facts on the ground which arent there in these countries: LIES LIES LIES, with Jazeera helping all along.

In Libya nato *literally* bomb a path with their jets and apache helicpoters for the pro-nato slaves/rebels to then advance, only then to run back when Libyan army start to get them. For eg, last night AJE etc saying pro-nato rebels took Brega, bt now they saying Gadaffi's people has taken Brega back.

LOADS of lies in relation to Libya, AJE just before had a pro-nato Libyan guy in Ldn saying General Kweld Hamedi has defected under nato protection, I know his son and this is a lie and the family is gonna sue nATO for killing their children!

But they are lying about Libya to justify their actions against Syria, to show a nato operation can work and to garner mass support and momentum to now roll on Syria.

And see how Jazeera are reporting on Lebanon and justifying the war against Hizbullah which is about to come in the next year or so.


The most sophisticated sections of the Palestinian Revolution, esp the leadership of the armed movements understand all this very well, and have been for some months now trying to shift the mass attention away from allies of the anti-imperialist struggle (Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Algeria, Sudan etc) to re-focus it to the REAL enemies of the Arab and African peoples which is the zionist state and empire. Hamas' armed-wing the Qassam Brigades have called off their two year ceasfire with the zionist state and are reportedely firing rockets at the zionist state. This is the day after the probably the Palestinian resistance, possibly with the support of support from Arabs in Sinai fought a whole day fire fight with zionst forces in the popular sea-side resort of eilat in the south of the zionist state.

Major respect to the Palestinian Resistance for escalating the liberation war against the zionism and empire, and helping the Arabs understand that its not Assad and Gadafi who are the enemies of the struggle, actually they are progressive and radical allies, but the zionist state and empire.

I hope people like brother Ali Abunimah and others will understand that things like Al-Jazeera (BOTH arabic and english) and organisations like GYBO are integral to the empire and zionist project to justify regime change by other civil means, with the threat of military strikes from nato as back up. GYBO in Gaza have been protesting against Assad in Syria, ie., their protest is FULLY in line with zionism and empire, AND DOING THIS IN *GAZA*(!!) against and in so doing trying to criminalise Hamas more in the eyes of their friends. So obvious and dodgy.

I am all for peoples rights, but not for assisting the project of empire and zionism against Hamas, Palestine, Assad and Syria etc.

I hope our peoples will stay vigilant, and those high on jazeera and nato crack will get into rehab asap and recover.

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