Saturday, 20 August 2011


"You have to know that every brother is not a brother and every other is not an other. But you must know who your enemy is and on a major scale, a worldwide scale, the white man is my enemy"
- Jeru the Damaja


Alexander Shabazz said...

Been awhile since I heard that, awesome!

dokblok said...

You can't stop the Prophet!

Anonymous said...

I used to think that way. How else would I think, since the police force started stopping and searching me up to three times a day, from the age of fourteen, just for approaching adulthood as a black male.

They keep telling us to get over the past but, in reality, it is they who still harbour the plantation mentality.

However, as I got older I came to realise that most white people don't have a frigging clue as to what is really going on.

They are programmed and don't realise that they are. They never question the information they are fed, it's source or it's validity.

Sadly, the same is true for black people since they are subjected to the exact same programming which culminates in self hatred and self destructive behaviour.

The most programmed of all though are the Jews. The Jews will be sacrificed by the Zionist, just as in the past, but they have yet to see it coming.

I no longer judge by race, colour, creed or religion.

What one says and more importantly, the actions one takes, is the only way to truly judge the character of the individual.