Saturday, 6 August 2011


Sons of Malcolm is getting reports that the police are being chased off the streets by angry Brothers.

Two patrol cars have been attacked after members of a community where a young man was shot dead by police took to the streets to demand "justice".

Dozens of protesters have gathered outside the police station on the High Road in Tottenham, north London.

It comes after a 29-year-old father-of-four, named locally as Mark Duggan, was shot dead by police on Thursday.

The Metropolitan Police said missiles were thrown at the cars, one was set alight and riot officers had been sent.

A spokesman said: "Two police officers were parked in two separate police cars on Foster Road in Tottenham, north London while on traffic patrol.

"A number of bottles were thrown at the cars. One car was set alight and the second vehicle was pushed into the middle of the High Road."

He added that neither of the officers were hurt and they had not been in the vehicles at the time.


Anonymous said...

come one man this guy shot at the police first and actually managed to hit one of them, thats why they opened fire. the guy was into some dodgy stuff, why else would he have a gun, i am generally noton the polices side but this time logic states i have to be

Anonymous said...

na fuck that shit they didnt even try to subdue him just straight two shots in the head. thats a fuckin execution they could of hit him in the chest or leg but no, fuck the pig scum hopefully some of them get fuckin bodied for what they did! keep it goin the streets stand up!

Anonymous said...

Always hatred for the police.. but who you call when your house gets robbed or your friend gets stabbed or your kids get hurt.. This man was up to no good, I can see your point about maiming him instead of killing him but seriously now?.. a criminal is shooting at you what you gonna do? I'd take him down first..for real!

Anonymous said...

fuck you prick , why u trying to defend a fucking gangster for , i hope u were the one there so u would be dead now , go get a job , im 99% sure u are black and sell drugs and ur family is fucked up ,so go do something better with ur life u piece of shit .

IsSue BosS said...

"fuck you prick , why u trying to defend a fucking gangster for , i hope u were the one there so u would be dead now , go get a job , im 99% sure u are black and sell drugs and ur family is fucked up ,so go do something better with ur life u piece of shit"

What is this? The incoherent ramblings of a caucasian, [or perhaps some other? But I think a caucasian...] who can barely structure a decent paragraph in what would supposedly be their own language? Suprise suprise...

Love to make weak dramatic statements, will little intellectual backup.

Go get a job?
Black and sell drugs, family fucked?

Funny little comments by a net-hypist.
If the poster 'sells drugs' that's a job right there [let's not forget the aspect of the 'British Empire' which was BUILT on drugs trafficking, like the evil these people did in China, with the Opium, which sparked up the "Boxer's Rebellion"; as well as the trafficking of alchol and drugs to other peoples, particularly things like Crack Cocaine to so-called 'blacks' for the purpose of destroying them, from the inside out...and then there's the whole healthcare system, making millions of people's lives misery, and slowly murdering them, with prescription that respect, pharmacists are so much worse, than 'drug dealers', but hypocrites would overlook that, wouldn't they?] - foolish caucasians and other types, buy into this slave-labour socio-economic structure, of indentured servitude, then try and deride those who do for themselves...entrepeneurs...isn't that the Beggar calling the Businessman a Bum?

Family 'fucked' in a society organized in cave-dwelling, anti-social, vampiricism, by cave-dwelling, anti-social, suprises why; so-called 'Black' people, being living, nature-compatible, outdoors, life forms, as opposed to colourless living dead people, who hide from the sun most of the time, for fear of burning to death like dracula.

Why do imbeciles like the quoted poster, feel the right to voice their ignorance, and only display their lack of articulation?

Whoever and whatever you are, you only make your Self and Kind look Weak.

Those who know the full story, make relevant comments, those who don't, keep silent.

That would be most beneficial to all involved.

Anonymous said...

justice against the pigs. retribution and revenge is ours. fuck what the scum police account is - we know they lie and deceive to suit their needs. a few burned pig cars is nothing compared to the life of our brother. this is just the beginning. from all sides of the city, from all corners of the country, we will seek revenge.

Anonymous said...

You all are utter morons and an embarrassment to our supposedly civilised society. Uneducated, unemployed halfwits.

People like you scum shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Apologies for using big words you probably don't understand.

Darnell said...

LOL @ Sukant Chandan!

You look like a white guy not a brother!

Dani said...

This is aload off rubbish what is going on its wrong they shot someone dead but he was up too no good and its wrong what the riots are doing its childish there just destroying everything its perfetic and stupid what do they get out off doing it? Nothing they just look like street rats there nothing but a bunch off scum bags that need too get a life and grow up this world is getting shitter and I've only lived in it 18 years!