Friday, 22 July 2011


Represents how deep the crisis within the ruling class is

I think the conduct and corruption of the police has so far been the main focus of this. The fact they have lost their two top cops is pretty heavy. As is the fact that there is even talk of the Prime Minister having to resign. What this scandal is illustrating very well is that the state in capitalist society functions to serve the interests of the financial elite, whether that be bankers, media or whatever, and even prime ministers and police chiefs answer to a higher power. And that higher power in this case isnt even British - so much for their much vaunted patriotism!

Dont let cynicism get in the way of understanding just how deep a crisis this represents within the ruling class. Major contradictions within the state and ruling class are being exposed and in their panic they are turning on each other to try and save their own skins and in the process deepening the crisis for themselves.

This scandal was buried for 6 years or so by the police and politicians precisely in order to keep hidden the corrupt, criminal and incestuous relationships that bind them together as a class.

That this scandal will likely be resolved with a few resignations (and apparently a convenient death) and a tinkering with media regulation laws, does not undermine the seriousness of the crisis that a major section of the state and ruling class is gripped in - quite the contrary it represents nakedly just how weak we are in being unable to exploit to our benefit these contradictions and the disgust that exists at these people's criminal conduct.

As clearly as it exposes the ruling class for what they are, it also exposes the passivity and impotence of the left, of radicals, of progressives and of "the masses" to actually force any serious change. Basically this is a crisis that is only being fueled by the Guardian newspaper and a few celebrities and lawyers. A tragic indictment on the state of play for progressives in england.

And that is compounded by the fact that this crisis of confidence within the ruling class is just the icing on the cake of the greater broader crisis that is threatening them, of the collapse of the European and US economies that far from being settled, is in fact deepening to breaking point.

But that aside, watching these scum squirm and backstab is a wonderful sight to behold, so sit back and enjoy.

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