Monday, 11 July 2011


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Africa for African said...

Open letter to the president of youth ANC Julus Malema
Frankfurt, 4/24/2011; 7:23:52 AM

Mister Julus Malema, thread of Africa, brother of all young Africans,
So today, we turn to you to solicit an united help, it is that as president of youth ANC, you also represent very whole African youth. I do not believe I fill you in about what takes place currently in our fatherland, Africa. You also know about movements of the Diaspora against the new try of colonisation of Africa by France and UNO and this by the roofless weapon.
In order to do that, we ask for actions concrete for your part. In the name of African youth we make you an appeal to mobilise and to sensitise African youth behind this movement.
In everything counts, you know to you even what the union is possible make. You must remember of the time of apartheid!

I remembers, across all Africa, young pupils, schoolboys, secondary school students, academics dedicated days of protest against the colonial, imperialist and racist system which governs the Southern Africa. The young people, the workers, the domestic women, the old men and even the children rallied to claim peace and justice in Southern Africa. Every Sunday, the faithful Christians and every Friday, the faithful Muslims, notice minute's silences to turn their thoughts to the victims of the system Apartheid. We know well, that Africa, until now is not independent. Current events in Africa (Libya, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Tunisia and which will be the following?), have got nothing to do with democracy and State of right, it is here about a temptation to colonize Africa again and to continue the flight of its wealth. We are sure, persuaded, that you understood this message …
Therefore you see, that in these difficult instants for South Africans, in spite of as true information did not reach African opinion, All Africa fought beside South Africans, up to the liberalisation of the president Nelson Mandela. Include well, that after this only partial victory, Africa was not delighted, but also the whole world.

So you have tendency to help us, as to us, we are helped in the past. “One for all, all for Africa, our dear motherland”.
We are opened to all discussed and share with you, your experiments of organisation for an union and of surplus your recommend. Come rally us to return efficient our actions of protests and of claims. Just know we need Africa United.

Sincerely Yours.

The Messenger, Dipl. Phys. Gara Pierre-David Takpara
Tel: 0049 152 0 797 04 18