Monday, 20 June 2011


This is the first time they are facing the armed nation, millions of people.

This is the first time they are drawn into this kind of trouble

Even in Afghanistan, they were only fighting the Taliban, only the Taliban movement.

In Algeria, it was only the Algerian Salvation Front (Islamic Salvation Front)

In Lebanon, they fight only one party, Hezbollah

In Palestine, they fight Hamas, only.

But here in Libya, they fight an armed nation, millions. This is the first time they face an armed nation, who can enter the battlefield, men and women.

In the past, it was said that the men defended the women. But now, in Libya, the women are ahead of the men in defending the country.

They will fail! NATO will fail and they will retreat. They will retreat, defeated.

We are determined not to change anything in our country.

We will never change anything.

Only if we want to, and away from the planes.

As for the traitors, who still has a speck of manhood? If he is still raising the regressive flag

and fighting his brothers under the cross, does this person have a speck of manhood?

Who still has a speck of nationalism, a speck of manhood? This is not a man, this is not a man. He is fighting under the cross and the flag of the monarchy which fluttered under the American flag in Melaha, and under the British flag in Aden in Tobruk and under the French flag in Sabha.

Does this person have manhood? I spit on him and his tribe. These are traitors.

We want Benghazi to rise up, to explode, as Tripoli has done.

Look at Tripoli, Benghazi, look at Tripoli, look at the people, under the airstrikes. Here are the people, filling the streets, filling the squares.

In all the villages, the cities, everywhere.

As for you in Benghazi, you’re afraid of a handful of people with a few rifles and a few guns. Here are the people in Tripoli defying the airstrikes.

You can’t defy rifles and guns? Shame on you.

Where are you?

Where are [names tribes].

You’re afraid of a handful of people with rifles. They scare you and take away your land from you, and your pride, and make you homeless and put you in refugee camps

to eat the garbage of the donkeys of Qatar and the Gulf, you eat the garbage of the donkeys of the Gulf

Where is dignity?

Die! Die! Do your duty! We don’t care about death. We don’t care about death and we don’t care about life now.

[cursing] **** life, **** peace, we don’t want it.

Dignity, and duty.

As I told you, we won’t betray the past. We won’t betray our ancestors, and our fathers and their sacrifices and we won’t betray our grandchildren.

We won’t betray the future or the past. We will do our duty as we should. Steadfast warriors, if they come down on the ground, we can fight them.

That will be our happy day, if they come down on the ground, we will be waiting

[unclear] will eat them up (?) and our will, if they come down on the ground. We want that. We want them to come down here.

These cowards. But these cowards can’t come down on the ground.

Who still has a speck of religion? A speck of dignity? Who still calls himself a Muslim or Arab or Libyan, while fighting under the banner of regression, which bowed down to colonialism? Fighting under the cross?

You who are fighting under the cross, those who die of you dies rotten. Going to hell. This is the end of it, you die under the cross.

Look at these people, they deserve life, deserve might, deserve history.

Look, under the airstrikes, the NATO planes strike everywhere but here are the people in the green square

and in the streets and other cities and villages and oasis, all of them.

Here are the mighty people, the people who are writing history.

But we tell them, look, put on the Libyan channel. But I know that the leaders of the cross, the Christian European countries, and the traitors, their nerves can’t bear to see the Libyan channel.

They can’t bear to see the people as they rally round the historic leadership, defiant, with a loud voice and a lifted head. Daring you to put on the Libyan channel.

Put on the Libyan channel, you sons of dogs, you cowards, you crusaders. Put on the Libyan channel, you traitors, you servants of colonialism.

Put on the Libyan channel, see. I dare you to put on the channel. But I know your nerves can’t stand putting on the Libyan channel, you cowards, can’t stand the voice of the people.

This voice is louder than the sound of explosions, of your bombs and rockets and planes, and stronger than your fleet. This is the victorious voice.

Here are the men and the women.

Be ready to march, to liberate Libya, inch by inch. Men and women. Be ready. The time to march has come.

Be ready. God is great. Forward, forward.

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