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PICTURE: Global Civilians for Peace in Libya leave for Libya
at Heathrow Airport, London, Sat 14th May 2011
(Sons of Malcolm's Sukant Chandan in the centre)

Global Civilians for Peace in Libya

For immediate release

World peace delegation heads to Libya on a further fact-finding mission on 14 May 2011.

Global Civilians for Peace in Libya is embarking on its second fact-finding mission into the war-torn country.

The delegation is comprised of academics, professionals, journalists and ex-military personnel from Europe, North America, England, Middle East and Africa. The delegates are independent and not allied to any government or official body. Italian camera crew will be embedded with the group, a TV producer from Britain and a French well-known Journalist.

Whilst in Libya they aim to add their voices to the calls for an immediate ceasefire and an end to hostilities on all sides including the air attacks by NATO, the UN and now the recently introduced drone bombings. The
delegation has the following objectives:

to discover the truth about the causes for the conflict

to document the real damage that has been suffered by all the non-combatant Libyan people

to discern the prospects of a lasting and equitable peace.

The delegation has scheduled meetings with refugees from all parts of Libya; the Prelate of the Catholic Church in Libya (Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, the apostolic vicar of Tripoli); and Libyan tribal Leaders. The delegation plans to deliver sincere condolences from the world community to all the Libya people who have suffered so much because of this war. The delegation will travel to a number of war-torn cities and communities, in order to document not only the physical damage but also to meet with the people in those areas to hear their stories without any political or media interference. The delegation will look into the humanitarian needs of the Libyan people with regard to any shortages of medicines, fuel, food and so on.

Global Civilians for Peace continues to call upon the African Union to take a lead role in the implementation of an immediate ceasefire. Global Civilians for Peace is the international successor of British Civilians for Peace who broadened their membership after other nationalities joined them on their first fact-finding mission in April. The first fact finding mission was able to corroborate reports of civilian deaths and injuries due to NATO bombing. However despite detailed investigations they were not able to substantiate the allegation the three areas of Tajora, Soqjoma and RasHsen of Tripoli cited in the UN resolution 1973 had been subjected to Libyan government bombardment. They have produced an interim report on the situation in Western Libya.


For further details:
USA: Jimmy landline 307 222-7533, Mobile 281 253-2040 In Libya 218 95 440 6969
Italy: Fulvio Grimaldi landline 39 06 99674258, Mobile: 39 3396046487 In Libya 218 92 726 3988
UK: Viv Ellis mobile 447922375075, In Libya 218 92 466 1219. Tunisia 21628004223
France: Philippe Bebuffon mobile 33680652526, email Tunisia 21693312144
Security Officer: Moeen Raoof 447813293275, in Libya 218 92 500 8408. Tunisia 21628052988
Media contact after the departure of the delegations: Sukant Chandan 447854147868
Emergency contact after the departure of the delegations: David Roberts 447980631255!/GloPeaceLibya

1 comment:

hamza m. said...

"who fight for their social, political and cultural freedom 'by any means necessary'"

i find it so interesting that people who represent you go to libya in praise and support of the dictator muammar gaddafi, when the ppl in libya are fighting and dying for their dignity.

have you actually tried talking to any libyans to find out what is going on there? or do you guys just regurgitate gaddafi propaganda? i dont mind that you guys are against the international intervention, it just bugs me when your people claim to be there on a "fact finding" mission, but instead just follow gaddafi's men and say what they are told.

some honest questions i would like you guys to answer:
1. can your representatives in tripoli travel anywhere without a minder?
2. why would gaddafi shut off the internet in tripoli?
3. have your people made any attempts to contact libyans in america or in libya that are within rebel held territory?

thank you.