Monday, 11 April 2011


British Civilians for Peace update #1, Mon April 11 2011

One Delegate steals Delegation Briefcase and seeks Refuge at the US Embassy

Thirteen delegates on the British Civilians for Peace mission to Libya arrived safely in Tunis on Saturday the 9 April.

One of the delegates, a Mr Paul Gordon Hancock, left the delegation at 3am on the Sun 10 April.

British Civilians for Peace can confirm that Mr Hancock sought refuge at the US embassy in Tunis, and he has subsequently admitted to the delegation taking of one of the briefcases belonging to a leading delegate of the group.

It is believed he stole the briefcase as he felt the content may contain material which prejudiced the mission. It has been confirmed to us by the organiser whose case was stolen, that the content of the case were files and receipts belonging to Libyan Airways that were being delivered by hand to the Libyan Airways office in Tripoli.

A request has been put through to the US Embassy in Tunisia to return the stolen briefcase to Libyan Airways. More information about this case will be reported in due course.


SPOKESPERSON for British Civilians for Peace in Libya: Sukant Chandan


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare set foot on the beloved free land of Libya. As you deny any civilian casualties on the side of the opposition, how can you be there on behalf of casualties that do not exist, as NATO has yet to kill anyone in Tripoli. Basically you are nothing but a self serving enemy of humanity.
The name of your delegation is as ironic as Gaddafi Human Rights Foundation, the best oxymoron I've come across.

Matt said...

This whole debacle is just a complete clusterf**k and embarrassing. Dive into all the players in this delegation and it's clear that this is a paid for propaganda trip by the Gadhafi regime. Credibility dropped below zero the moment their mouths opened and spewed the same delusional rhetoric we have been subjected to by the Gadhafi regime for 2 months. Get the f**k out of Libya and go home, you're all an embarrassment to the British.

electradiffusa said...

trojans are everywhere... even inside my computer... this war was designed on two fronts 1-libya ground 2-media world. The two fronts are equally dangerous and sneaky with too much bloodshed wasted and too little true facts shown. Thats why I welcome ALL peace missions because efforts to untangle this miserable lethatl plot should be welcome. (wishfulthinking)

Greg said...

You are no better than Gaddafis mercenaries. Shame on you.
I suspect that you were well paid, because after this, I think it will be hard for any of you to work in the International Human Rights field.

jimf said...

Anonymous bloggers, how can you know NATO has killed no civilians in Tripoli (because bombs are just so precise these days, tell that to the Afghans, Pakistanis, and Iraqis), while believing everything said by the armed rebels about Gaddafi atrocities?