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Sukant Chandan (Sons of Malcolm):
EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION / OBAMA's SPEECH LAST NIGHT: While Obama's speech def comes across as positively exceptional for a yankee president, it clearly shows however how weak the empire is, how much it is desperate to keep a line of control/hegemony/positive-relations with Egypt & the region, and the enormous amount of power the revolutionary masses have against empire.

Obama's speech is here:

worth listening very carefully to every word he says. I couldnt really fault him for his rhetoric:

- full support to the youth of Egypt
- Mubarak must leave straight away
- no-one but the Egyptians will decide on their leadership

However, as Al-Jazeera English made clear, as did their guest former senior adviser to the zionist state Daniel Levy (who had some *very* interesting things to say) Obama is one thing, the empire ('administration') is quote another thing, and the empire will be spinning Obama's speech as they wish, and as we shall see.

Also keep in mind how absolutely all over the place the empire and zionism has been vis-a-vis Tunisia and esp Egypt.

Momentum is on the side of the Revolution, a pro-social justice, anti-imperialist and anti-zionist strategy must emerge from the revolution if it is to steer away from empire hegemony and tricks, and we all who live in the empire (including west europe) must expose and militantly oppose all empire tricks.

[Daniel:] He didn't say Mubarak must leave straight away, he said there must be an 'orderly transition' and that transition must start now but didn't define what this 'orderly transition' is. Really he just means Mubarak, I want you gone by September ok it's time to retire, and I want Omar Suleiman or whoever to replace you as long as he's the same kind of Camp David regime hack. Between now and September, you can do whatever you like to make sure this 'orderly transition' does not descend into 'chaos', chaos being defined as anyone the US doesn't like getting power. The rest of it was just opportunistic nice words which have no connection with reality.

Sukant Chandan (Sons of Malcolm):


you sure he didnt clearly state that Mubarak must listen to the Egyptian people, stand down straight away and start a process of reform straight away? I will listen to the speech again later and get bac to after that. But everyone is interpreting as just that, as well as Kerry's words on the issue.

Another highly interesting thing is that Obama clearly told the Egyptian army (an army who is supplied by the yanks) that well done for not massacring people, and make sure you keep it that way. That's an exceptional thing for a yankee president to say, and def benefits the Revolution at this current juncture, we dont want to the army against the masses, the army seems to be *at this moment* more pro-people/Revolution then against it.

As for you reading into what Obama said as meaning "...Mubarak, I want you gone by September ok it's time to retire, and I want Omar Suleiman or whoever to replace you as long as he's the same kind of Camp David regime hack.."

Well, Obama said clearly that no one but the Egyptian people will choose their leadership after reforms, but where I agree with you Daniel is that the *empire* ie., the yankee administration and state will of course ideally want to return back to the "status quo ante" (to use Condi's now infamous phrase in the Lebanese context), but history has moved on from that, and everyone knows it including empire, and they are now trying to manage it best they can.

empire is falling faster and faster, our anti-imperialist analysis must keep up as much as possible to be able to clearly see whats going on.

It's clear that Egypt will not remain within the confines of the old regime, its clear that a new Egypt will turn towards the acsendant and rising 'third world', ally with Turkey and Iran as the resistant anti-empire states, and will develop good relations with Hizbullah and Hamas, this every serious analyst is stating clearly, even pro-empire analysts.


You gotta hand it to him - its a badboy speech.
I think we have a case of JFK sydnrome here. Once again we do not have an (out and out) warmonger in the white house. Had he endorsed Mubarak to leave in Sept, that would have been just enough time to groom and prop up some next puppet (younger and with a decent track record of course). The fact that he did not endorse this is encouraging and certainly as you say, a sign of Empire weakness. But I fear the CIA, Israeli lobbyists and other state-side warmongers will punish him for this, as this totally derails their agenda and undermines their own Middle East strategy.
Egypt is the most geopolitically important country on the face of the earth. To believe that the US with their multi-layered and pivotal input and strategy in the region would welcome "the people's choice" (ultimately a people who I believe would support Palestine) is just fantasy. Perhaps Obama himself is now becoming less pragmatic and more idealistic, but that will be shortlived. At least there isnt the scale of bloodshed that his predecessors would have overseen. It wont be his Iraq, but it may be his Waterloo.....

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