Friday, 25 February 2011


8.41am: The events in the middle east are having far-reaching repercussions it seems, with South Korea using the revolutions in an apparent attempt to goad North Koreans into similar protests.

The South Korean military has been dropping leaflets into North Korea about the pro-democracy protests in Egypt, conservative South Korean parliament member Song Young-sun said.The country has also sent food, medicines and radios for residents as part of a psychological campaign aimed at encouraging North Koreans to think about change.

The food and medicines were delivered in light-weight baskets tied to balloons with timers programmed to release the items above the target areas in the impoverished North, Song said in a statement.

South Korea's defence ministry declined to confirm the move, citing its policy of not commenting on sensitive issues in its dealings with the North.

The food items bore a message saying they were sent by the South Korean military and were safe for human consumption but could be fed to livestock to test safety, Song said.
The leaflets also carried news of public protests in Libya against the country's long-time leader, Song's office said.

Analysts say the level of Pyongyang's control over communications and movement of people is too tight to make it likely for North Koreans to rise up in similar protests against their leaders, according to Reuters.

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