Wednesday, 9 February 2011


The Final countdown, Friday to the palace?

Dyab Abou Jahjah

After some people believed that they can speak in the name of the revolution in Egypt and entered dialogue with the government, and after that it was shown to them that this revolution has no representation except the youth that launched it and the middle class that is carrying it to it end, the answer was yesterday, and it was a clear answer: The strongest momentum so far.

I want to stress some points:

1- The leadership of the revolution is the council of youth that was formed under the name of “the coalition of the Anger revolution”, and that leadership is determined to oust Mubarak before talking.

2- That the political parties so far proved they are desperate to talk and desperate to divide the spoils even before the revolution is victorious and they are losing credibility. They also proved unable of mobilizing massively.

3- The people who stormed the streets yesterday in all Egyptian cities were pushed to the streets by the Patronizing Tone of Omar Suleiman, but also by the clarification of the American support to the regime and the continuous coverage of Aljazeera that is unmasking the level of repression and the crimes committed.

4- The fact that university professors and lawyers and journalists joined the protest en masse made a huge difference yesterday.

5- The Effect of Wael Ghonem also played in mobilizing new segments of the upper middle class.

6- Two scandals in the making also mobilized the people: the information suggesting that the minister of interior staged the attack on the Saints Church on New Years Eve, and the revelations on the Mubarak fortune.

This revolution is definitely that of the middle class, and this is why the regime has no option but conceding defeat. It is losing the loyalty of its foot soldiers. However, the Army, is still playing a negative role in containing the movement. But it couldn’t contain the blockade of parliament and government building yesterday.

I have information that last week Friday was supposed to be the day the protestors will walk on the presidential palace but that Mohamed al Baradei and his supporters convinced everybody that Mubarak will leave peacefully that day and that therefore no bloodshed is necessary. Baradei claimed that he was informed of this by the Americans. We all know that Mubarak stayed and if the Americans actually manipulated Baradei is unknown but very likely.

It is Baradei and his supporters who are also preventing the crowd from besieging the Israeli and American embassies. One thing is sure, on Friday this will not happen again and the march on the presidential palace is very likely to take place.

On Friday we will know who is revolutionary and who is just seeking to reform the pro-American system. Some masks might fall, but also the regime might fall, a smooth fall that is. Mubarak might just take the plane to therapy in Germany, and never come back. This might be the scenario that will allow transition of power to Suleiman.

Suleiman in power will mean the regime remaining in place and that the struggle for democracy must intensify.

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