Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Egypt answers Tunisia, and Echoes in Lebanon!

They do not belong to a political party, they do not follow a particular Ideology, they set an appointment on Facebook, an appointment we all laughed about telling them you cannot approach a revolution like you approach a blind date, but today with thousands they came… They took the streets of Cairo by surprise…. They took us all by surprise… No one of us really hoped this will happen. For years we were indoctrinated that Egypt is the heart of the Arab nation, and that we will not rise up until Egypt rises… After the victory against Israel in 2006 and the glorious Tunisian revolution we were all convinced that this is not necessary, that we can do it without Egypt. I do still think we can do it without Egypt, but if Egypt is Free, then we will all become so much faster.

The profile of the demonstrators are youngsters , middle class, and determined to accomplish change.

Hilary Clinton said today that she trusts the Egyptian leadership is doing the best for its people, and this is a clear signal that the Americans will not forsake Moubarak that easily. How could they when the man is even prepared to besiege Gaza for them and keep the biggest Arab country with all its resources in check. The Americans are trying to intervene in Tunisia too, with Secretary of state assistant Jeffrey Veltman ( the man we know all too well in Lebanon) visiting… This is bad omen as Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said today, but also in my opinion a sign of nervousness. The Americans may have the army card to play in Tunisia in case the government falls, but can the army control the revolution now? I believe not, the chance was to depose Benali, and that chance was missed by the military and for good.

In Lebanon, the opposition led by Hizbullah and its allies managed to have a parliamentarian majority to form a new government. All by the book and by the constitution. The Americans did all they could even bribing and pressuring MP’s to gather more votes for their stooge Saad Harriri, but they failed. Immediately after, thugs of Hariri’s party took to the streets and blocked roads burning tires in a desperate attempt to put pressure on the new government but in vain… another Blow for the Empire.

Benali fell, Hariri fell, and now Moubarak?

The regime is hoping that this is just a trendy expression of a generation wanting to live a kind of may 68…. Marking its presence, having its say.

But already two people died and the people are camping in the streets…. Is this a revolution? Can this be the end of the regime?

People of the opposition are trying to jump on the car of the youth movement, but it is clear that the movement is autonomous and determined….

Tens of thousands are in street of Cairo today, would they be there tomorrow? Would others join them?

Knowing the Egyptian regime, it will soon start harassing the demonstrators by infiltration. They will send in hooligans to mingle among them and provoke violence and even attack the demonstrators from within.

Aljazeera is however taking up the role of revolutionary media again, and many artists and activists are joining. I am very reluctant to consider this a revolution yet. We would have to see if the youth are bold enough to endure martyrdom, because this is what they people would need to do.

One thing is sure, the youth are organizing themselves in committees already and they even installed their own radio on camp. Cairo is answering Tunis. One Arab people and it is awakening.

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