Thursday, 28 October 2010


Black communities in Malmö, like everywhere else, stand up with strength, collectively and militantly for your family, friends and communities. Organise street watch teams on every street and hunt this white supremacist terrorist(s). We must not cower and continue to fight for our right to be free - Sons of Malcolm

Dear brother Sukant,

I was contacted by brother K this morning with regards to your
request for information about the situation in Malmö and our
reactions. As you already know, for over a year ago, a woman was shot
dead in her car and a man seating next to her seriously injured.
There has been over 17 similar shootings since then, targeting non
white residence of Malmö.

Please observe that the target group includes people of colour born
and raised in Sweden like my own children but also all non-white
immigrants. Skin complexion and looks seem to be his determining
factor as to who is Swede or not.

Bear in mind that the police have known the nature of the situation
for over a year but decided not to inform the general public of it
until last week, which makes me, wonder if the Malmö police actually
have the intention of protecting us. The police and the media has
until last week blamed gangs for the shootings even though, the
police have always known that it was a perpetrator driven by racist
motives targeting non whites.

Both the police and the media have been calling this perpetrator a
lunatic instead of a what he really is a racist terrorist and the
black community amongst others feel extremely abandoned and not taken

I was on the radio yesterday and today trying ask questions to both
the police and the politicians. The police tell the media that they
take this situation to be extremely serious and that they have
invested all they have got to try and find this lunatic. However when
I go through the city of Malmö on my way to work, I do not see any
police cars, police officers or anything indicating their presence i
the city in spite of what they keep telling the media.

I don't feel safe and everyone that looks like me feels the same way.
The question is what would have happened if this was a Muslim man
shooting white Swedes with blond hair? I am sure that the police and
the media would have called him a terrorist and every single
policeman, car, helicopter and intelligence would have been sent to

I keep asking this question but no one seem to know the answer why
this individual/s is not considered a terrorist. I cannot help to
think that its probably because my life a Afro-Swede is not worth as
much as a white blond Swedes life is worth and whenever an immigrant
or a citizen of colour is a victim of a crime, then it is an
integration problem or a gang related problem.

Two days ago, the government sent the minister of integration to
Malmö as if these shootings have to do with the failure of immigrants
to integrate instead of seeing it as a national security problem
where a terrorist is shooting human beings, Swedish citizens and
ordinary human beings who have nothing what so ever to do with gangs
or criminal activities.

The journalist that interviewed me on the radio asked me today what I
would do if the police do not step up their activities, I responded
that if I have to move from my own home country and my children's
home country SWEDEN because I fear that we might be killed, then
Sweden will be considered a failed state and therefore is no better
than Afghanistan or Somalia are any other state when citizens flee
from their countries because the state is incapable of securing their

I really hope that the government will take its responsibility in
protecting the people of Malmö just as they would do if it were white
blond citizens in the line fire.

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Anonymous said...

if you dont like it do us all a big favour and leave. Go to somewhere where you human rights will be really respected like Iran.