Monday, 30 August 2010


The Profound Problematics of Western Media, Africa and Naomi

A short note by Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

A young black woman from a single parent family (single mum) growing up in south London made it as the first black supermodel in the face of immense and profound challenges and tribulations, most of which were to do with white supremacy (racism).

After becoming sucessful and dealing with all the pressures of her life she acted like a human being, ie., she has flaws and makes mistakes which are magnified as she is in the public eye, but also because the white supremacist and maniacal press are always after her.

Somewhere in her journey she became close friends with those the west considers out of their circle: Fidel Castro (she gives generously to Cuba's Children Fund), Hugo Chavez, Mandela and others. For this the western press hate her even more.

One day a problematic African leader wanted to charm her with some diamonds. She seemed to have been unimpressed by that.

Those interests who decimated Africa, and still do today, then rolled out headlines for about one week that basically all of Africa's problems are down to one man (Taylor) and one 'black bitch' (I am sorry, but thats the way the media portray her); whereas those who turned Africa into a warren for the hunting of black skins and do all they can do to keep Africa on its knees are nowhere to be seen or heard, let alone held accountable.

This 'trial'. which is not 'international', but a western botch-up, presents the black woman as the evil, dodgy bitch, loves getting 'blood diamonds' from another dodgy black man (Taylor) (see the white supremacy crossing over into racialised sexual politics) and then 'lies' about it, a lie exposed by the 'white angel of truth' their darling - Mia Farrows.

Its so boring, but it goes on, and on and on ....

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