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Adam X

Yesterday (Saturday 28th of August) seems to have been a huge failure for the EDL.That being said, there still has to be some soul searching done among what is called 'the left': hard questions have to be asked about the modus operandi of setting up counter protests.


Yesterday, hardly any of the local youths and those embedded with them bothered to come to the UAF's static rally. It's no wonder. Not long after I had arrived to see what they were up to, the police had set themselves up around the square and erected metal detectors by the entrances and the EGT's were harrassing everyone with their cameras staring at people who supposedly 'look radical'.

The UAF rally was half-filled people who can't fight (hippies, old people, and other fragile types) but the UAF wasn't planning to bring people to Bradford for defence purposes - it couldn't. After facing so much trouble from the statist left, and Weyman Bennet being accused of conspiracy to start a riot; UAF felt the need to prove themselves as 'peaceful' - not the source of trouble and rioting.

That being said, UAF's plans for counter demonstration combined with the statist left's ranting about keeping order allowed the police to justify a massive operation, which made the EDL's protests utterly pointless. They were penned in, in a location where they couldn't even be seen by the public.

The result?
The EDL - who in absence of an 'enemy' to 'take liberties' with, started fighting with each other - have appeared in the miniscule mainstream media coverage to be a bunch of stupid drunken hooligans. And the UAF officially cleared their name and 'took the moral high ground'. Example of such coverage:

The resistance

A few people from the UAF crowd (which was mostly white) did join a large mobile crowd (mostly Asian, and local)

that tried to get close to where the EDL were, without much success. But well done to them. Thankfully, a video of that crowd did come out, and serves as a heartwarming statement of unity:

Despite the huge police operation, some EDL did break out of their police kettle. Looking for Asians to start on. Those stray but large groups of EDL were strongly repelled by an organised resistance entirely led by the Muslim youth of Bradford, with a contingent of Birmingham youth embedded within them, and local youth of other religious backgrounds.

These Birmingham lads did not come in 'airlifted' by coach, they came the day before and stayed at people's houses. That modus operandi is exemplary when compared to our 'post-colonial' anti-fascist organisations, if you ask me.

This organised 'task force' dealt the EDL a blow that sent them running back into the kettle they came from.

And then the EDL were bussed out of the city again. Most of the local Asian youths were then only to be seen in their neighbourhoods in the areas surrounding the city centre. They were obviously not looking to hang around, knowing that 600 years worth of sentences were slapped on their brothers back in 2001. Although it is also Ramadan (DON'T FORGET), a time not to go further than you have to with respect to self-defence.

The police brought in from other forces, with nothing to do were sent home early. Only five arrests were made yesterday, are they going to be raiding the homes of all those EDL caught on camera like they did with the Birmingham resistance this month last year, or the Gaza protestors? Or do the police have other plans?

Conclusions and questions?

Our youth in target communities will always be the first, best organised and strongest line of defence (and they are getting better at it). Why don't all the lefties out there work with them as our Birmingham brothers did? Is there much point to clearing the name of an organisation to a public that largely doesn't care? Should we be publicly declaring counter-protests if this inhibits our ability to defend communities and defeat the EDL, and indirectly empowers the state?

The EDL appear to be collapsing in actual (not facebook gauged) popularity, however not everthing is as it seems when state intelligence has its part to play. However, there was a video on youtube (now removed, alternative version) that shows the EDL being utterly defeated in Bradford, I hope it scares them all off. The EDL's Welsh boy has been trying to patch these events up as a victory - they are starting to look genuinely desperate - unless there is something they know that we don't.

I'm looking forward to analysis by 'Malatesta', an anarchist who reports in fine detail on what's going on with the EDL and the far-right in general. Always good reading material!

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