Monday, 8 March 2010


I am an anarchist, says Alicia Keys

The Guardian
April 2008

It seems that Alicia Keys is not just an expert on
"wreckless love," teenage affairs and fallin' for a special
someone - she's also got the inside scoop on the conspiracy
at the heart of American hip-hop.

Gangsta rap was a "ploy to convince black people to kill
each other," the singer has claimed in an interview with
Blender magazine. While most people see Ice T and Dr Dre
merely as musicians prone to bragging about their sexual
conquests, Keys insists they were instruments of mysterious
puppetmasters who exist to perpetuate the rap community's

Keys also asserts in the interview that the late-90s feud
between east and west coast hip-hop was created by shadowy
figures in government. The deaths of Notorious BIG and
Tupac Shakur were part and parcel of this plan, an attempt
"to stop another great black leader from existing," she
told Blender.

Keys isn't afraid of entering politics herself, presumably
to put a stop to all this sort of thing. "Some of the
greatest artists did their best work when they got
political," she told Blender. "If Malcolm [X] or Huey [P.
Newton] had the outlets our musicians have today, it'd be
global. I have to figure out a way to do it myself."

The singer considers herself an anarchist, and indeed the
New York police department revealed last year that they had
Keys under observation in the lead-up to the 2004
Republican National Convention, fearing "anarchist

Though there's no sign that Keys has joined a revolutionary
commune or taken to donning a black balaclava, she has, er,
donated a whole $500 to the US Democratic party. And what
could be more anarchist than that?

Nevertheless, nobody should doubt the strength of Alicia
Keys' convictions. Her fervour is symbolised in the pendant
she wears around her neck. It's not a pretty star or a
broken heart, a unicorn or a rainbow. It's instead an AK-47
machine gun. Made of solid gold. And, um, what does it
symbolise? "Strength, power and killing 'em dead." Hurrah
for speaking truth to power.


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