Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Myleene Klass 'aghast' at police warning for
waving knife
at intruders

The Scotsman
11 January 2010
By Paula Fentiman

MYLEENE Klass has reignited the debate over how far people
should go to protect themselves after she waved a knife at
intruders she spotted in her garden. The TV presenter and
Marks & Spencer model was said to be "aghast" and "bemused"
after being warned by officers over her actions.

Klass, 31, was in the kitchen with her daughter upstairs
when she spotted the teenagers peering into her window just
after midnight on Friday. She grabbed a knife and banged
the windows before they ran away.

But Klass – who rose to fame in reality show pop band
Hear'Say – said she was told by Hertfordshire Police
officers she should not have used a knife to scare off the
youths because carrying an offensive weapon – even in her
own home – was illegal.

Her spokesman, Jonathan Shalit, said the star was "utterly
terrified" and was stepping up security at the property,
near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Her experience comes amid calls for greater rights for
people to defend themselves against intruders on their

Last month Munir Hussain was jailed for beating a man who
tied up his family in their home. He and his brother used a
cricket bat to beat one of the intruders.

The case prompted the Conservatives to pledge they would
make it harder for people who tackle burglars to be

Victims campaigner Norman Brennan called for a greater
police presence on the streets to act as a deterrent and
said Klass's actions were understandable.

"I can understand the police would have been concerned if
she had chased them up the street with a knife in her
hand," he said. "It wasn't the best thing she did, but it
was an instinctive action of a mother with a child at home.

"In hindsight she should have locked the doors and windows
and called the police. However, people don't act reasonably
when they are frightened. They act out of instinct."

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