Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Is Choudhury and 'Islam4UK' a convenient tool for the state to whip up racism towards Muslims through a person (Choudhury) and highly sectarian outfit ('Islam4UK') which has no interest in developing a serious movement?

Omar Bakri Muhammad is the mentor of Anjem Choudhury. He
was interviewed by American journalist, Ron Suskind for his
book, The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an
age of Extremism. This quote is taken from pg. 200-202:

Ron Suskind: "But there's a hidden dimension to it all,
which I glimpsed when we(author and Bakri) chatted in the
hotel lobby two years back. A British intelligence officer
told me that Bakri had helped MI5 on several of its
investigations....After Bakri finished one of his long
explanations...I mentioned his secret assistance to police.
He became flustered. "I'm upset you know this," he said
grimly, as one of his deputies looked on from a distance.
Of course, such a disclosure would have undermined his
credibility among young radical jihadists, his
constituency. I asked, then why do it, why help the police?
He paused. "Because I like it here ," he said. "My family's
here. I like the health benefits."

A few months later, the July 7, 2005...and all such
backdoor arrangements were off....(he went to Lebanon,
although Suskind mistakenly says Libya)

On the phone...He says the British government, "whether
they admit it or not," misses him, too."We were able to
control the Muslim youth," he says on the grainy mobile
phone connection from Tripoli. "The radical preacher that
allows a venting of a point of view is preventing violence.
Now many of us are gone or in jail, and we've been replaced
by radical jihadis, who take the youth underground. You
don't see them until the day they vent with the bombs."

Bakri enoyed his notoriety and was willing to pay for it
with information he passed to the police...It's a fabric of
subtle interlocking needs: the Brits need be in a
backchannel conversation with someone working the steam
valve of Muslim anger; Bakri needs health insurance."

Thanks to Nu'man for this - Sons of Malcolm

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