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PFLP: One year after aggression, resistance is necessary to break the siege on Gaza

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The resistance and steadfastness of the people of Gaza
remains powerful and strong one year after the criminal war
and aggression on Gaza, said the Popular Front for the
Liberation of Palestine on December 26, 2009 in a statement
marking the first anniversary of the assault. The
occupation massacres claimed the lives of nearly 1500
Palestinians and wounded and displaced tens of thousands,
demolishing tens of thousands of homes which still await
reconstruction today.

The Front's statement said that "it is clear to all, month
after month, and year after year, that the words of the
United States about 'peace' and 'negotiations' are nothing
more than meaningless sweet talk, false promises, and cheap
attempts at bribery of our people while the occupation
steals our land, violates our rights, slaughters our
people." At the same time, the noise of the so-called
'peace process' only hides the crimes of the occupier and
serves as a mechanism of the Zionist occupation and its
strategic ally in Washington to block our Palestinian
internal efforts to end the division, restore national
unity, and uphold our national rights, said the Front.

The statement went on to say that the leaders of the
occupation war machine believed that they could win
security and political victory and break the will of our
people to steadfastness and resistance, and our commitment
to our national rights through a massive display of
massacres and barbarism. However, in reality, they have
gained no political victory and no so-called security, and
their attempts to dislodge the resistance from Lebanon and
Palestine have utterly failed.

The Front's statement also said that the Gaza massacre
demonstrated clearly before the eyes of the world the utter
lies of any Zionist claims of "military ethics" or
"democracy" as it used internationally banned weapons,
including white phosphorus, to rain destruction and
devastation upon Gaza, noting that the people of the world
responded in horror at the occupation state and solidarity
with our Palestinian people, even as the official
international community remained silent and complicit.

It noted that the official United Nations report of Justice
Goldstone investigating the occupation war crimes in Gaza
laid bare the facts of the occupation's crimes, calling
upon the international community and the United Nations to
hold the occupation war criminals accountable and fulfill
their political, legal and moral responsibilities.

The Front's statement also greeted the Arab people and the
international progressive forces in the world, expressing
pride and gratitude in their ongoing solidarity and
strength that continues to defy all of the enemies of
Palestine in support of the rights of our people.

Comrade Dr. Maher Taher, member of the Political Bureau of
the PFLP and leader of its branch in exile, said further
that resistance is a necessity to break the siege of Gaza,
saying that human rights criticisms and humanitarian
projects are important, but insufficient by themselves, to
break the siege.

Comrade Taher said that the reports of international human
rights organizations were important, confirming and
documenting the major crimes committed before the eyes and
ears of the world. He noted that the Arab governments and
the official international community is silent and
complicit as 1.5 million Palestiniand in Gaza suffer under
siege, but forces, groups and institutions of conscience
have continually called for action, from the Goldstone
report, to international human rights organizations, to
massive grassroots solidarity mobilizations around the

He denounced the complicity of Arab regimes with the siege
on Gaza, saying that silence about the Israeli crimes
allows them to continue. He noted also that the siege is
not simply a humanitarian issue that is a crime against
humanity and affects children, the elderly and the sick,
but that the siege upon the Palestinian people is also a
political siege.

Comrade Taher said that "the Israeli enemy wants the
Palestinian people to raise flags of surrender, abandon
their resistance, and accept the terms and conditions of
the U.S. and Zionism, but the Palestinian people, despite
all, continue the fight, refuse to surrender and will
continue to raise the banner of resistance, whatever the

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