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July 4, 2009

The Lines of Chávez

ALBA and the Hour of the Furnaces

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Today is July 5th, the most significant and patriotic
meaning: 198 years of our Declaration of Independence. On
July 5th, 1811, a historical and decisive rupture occurred.
And what a decisive rupture: our absolute independence was
proclaimed, thus giving birth to our first Republic and the
National state.

It was a rupture with a clear political meaning that had
already been announced on April 19th, 1810.

The spirit of such a rupture was embodied, on the path
towards July 5th, by the revolutionary Patriotic Society,
whose continuous agitating activities and consequent
pressure on our First Congress radicalize things. The
flaming words of Miranda, Bolívar, Ribas, Coto Paúl gave
impetus to the independence cause.

It was a rupture promoted and led by a small group of
Creole. The First Republic lacked the peoples balm. But it
does not diminished, of course, the importance of the year

By the way, it is necessary to pay attention to this lucid
and passionate reflection of Augusto Mijares: "The truth
complete truth is that Venezuela anticipated to give a
legal foundation to its revolution with the same vehemence
it showed later to defend it."

I want to highlight the deep meaning of this date as
reflected by the last verse of a song that became popular
in the streets of Caracas in 1911: "United by bonds/made by
heaven/all America exists as a nation." The feeling of a
whole nation.

The Constitution of 1811, the first of Our America,
established that its precepts were inviolable. But, and
this is important, it was possible to "alter and move these
resolutions according to most of the people of Colombia
wanting to gather in a national body to defend and preserve
their freedom and independence." Colombia: there is the
hand of Miranda. That is to say, Venezuela understood its
existence as a free. sovereign and independent nation
inside a bigger unity, just as we understand it today, thus
resulting in the Bolivarian Alliance ALBA, in UNASUR. Only
united we will be independent! Today is the day of the
Bolivarian Armed Force. I send, through my words, the
testimony of a grateful people that today knows that the
arms of the Republic belong to them. It is a recognition
given to the people by the people: the Day of the
Bolivarian Armed Force if today the Day of the People in

On this great day, I invite the Venezuelan soldiers to
reflect: Look at yourselves in the painful mirror of
Honduras. See the enormous difference between an Armed
Force fraternally united to its people, as people in arms,
and a military force that has been turned into an occupying
army inside its own country and at the service of the
bourgeoisie without Homeland, but with masters in the

The union of Our America becomes stronger, gains momentum
in the concert of nations and takes off the ground with a
liberating fly.

The neo-fascist blow of a group of military gorillas
against President Zelaya... We have to think it over under
the following factor: They want to make the Honduran
government pay for its incorporation into the ALBA, its
identification with those who aspire to have a world with
more dignity and justice; they want to close the doors of a
new history and get with their dark privileges out of the

But in their blindness, they do not realize that they are
trapped by a fatal anachronism and a total lack of
historical sense.

It has been told, as it is true, that the Honduran coup d
État goes against what is embodied by these four letters:
ALBA. The Bolivarian Alliance is not only a historical
urgency, but the inexorable way to face the structural
crisis of capitalism; therefore, it is the unifying tool
with the highest political will when acting in favor of the
unity of our America, which can not be put off.

Thats the reason why they seek to attack, as I have said,
its weakest flank.

Thats the exact reason why the most sickening wing of the
Honduran society, with arms, woke up with a party. With a
stink of powder and arrogance, they believed that they
could break a peoples hope.

But the feeling of the people can not be hidden when they
have decided to be free. The desire for transformation is
felt in the Honduran air; thats the reason why we see on
the TV screens soldiers chasing a ghostly enemy: the
gorillas have ordered them to sow terror because they fear
the people.

These traitors to the homeland will never be able to
understand the sacred fire of Morazan. His yesterdays
accusing words are aimed today against them and everything
they represent. "You men who have violated the most sacred
rights of the people due to your sordid and selfish
interest, I am talking to you, enemies of the independence
and liberty."

Lets recall, in the midst of this battle for the
independence, the voice of young Colonel Simón Bolívar in
his memorable public speech on July 3rd, 1811 in the
Patriotic Society: "Hesitating will make us get lost."

"It is the hour of furnaces," said Martí.

It is the hour of the peoples! It is the hour of the
future! With no hesitation, we will defeat!

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías / July 5th, 2009

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