Friday, 19 June 2009


The Independent:

On hearing a foreign voice, people came up saying: "Tell
the world how they have stolen our election." One woman in
a headscarf and full length black tunic said: "We hate this
regime and its stupid friends in Russia, Venezuela and

Anti-Imperialist Camp:

It is not clear whether Moussavi's broad coalition is going
to give up or not as the rift is very deep. It is obvious
that important sectors of the middle class hope for a
political liberalisation and cultural latitude, and these
are legitimate demands; however, the current opposition
organically mixes them with concessions to the West and an
expressly capitalist line of the economic elites. It is
this combination that is unacceptable and eventually is the
millstone around the necks of those who actually demand
more political freedom. Uncompromising anti-imperialism is
the prerequisite for any democratic movement. The
middle-class mainstream-despite some "leftist rhetoric"-is
in every respect moving towards adaptation to the West.

From a friend on the Iranian opposition on Twitter:

Yesterday or the day before the US administration directed
twitter to halt its weekend maintenance in order to help
the Iranian people at this moment of history [see here].
The expected effect of twitter on Iran was compared to the
effect of the Khomeni cassettes. I joined twitter yesterday
to see what is going on, and I saw your brave movement at
work. Most of the things that I saw had to do with tactics
on the ground, but I also saw people dismissing the Iranian
state by declaring that the riot police was wearing Hamas
badges. I am sure that we can not consider this
anti-imperialist, even the SWP will have problems with
that. Nor is it easy to just pass that when liberal
Iranians want to show how bad their state is they do so by
picturing it as resistance friendly.

I also came across another comments about using Arabs to
stop the movement, most likely meaning Hizbollah. The use
of both names was evoked as self-evidently derogatory, as
if for the writers and the intended audience it is clear
that this organizations are shit. There were no
condemnations of this. There was also an entry critiquing
Nejad for wasting Iran's money on wars that don't concern
Iran. Not to mention that I saw during the elections
interviews with Iranians who are voting Musavi because they
are sick and tired of being labelled a terrorist nation
that supports terrorist organizations.

While I am aware that this is a minute sample of the
movement, it is the idea that these sort of things are
proposed to the public as a self-evident of Nejad's shit
that matters. At the same time I didn't see a single pro
resistance comment--this is the more representative
observation, if you want. It is not enough to reject US
intervention in Iranian affairs in order to be
anti-Imperialist in Iran; Musavi can do that; you also have
to be pro-resistance too.

Iran is the bastion of resistance in the region. If it
falls many things are over.

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