Wednesday, 17 June 2009


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Anonymous said...

I got kicked in and threatened to be tazered by police. All I did was swear loudly when I was drunk. (admittedly being a an idiot). Two CSO's tried to detain me by grabbing onto me and kicking me in the shins with their boots on. (illegal). I wasn't resisting arrest with them, they wanted to put me on the floor and I wouldn't let them as they are not aloud too. They had called for backup from the real police who ran up to me, one of them shouted "get on the fucking floor or I'll fucking tazer you" I didn't fancy a new hairstyle so I did as I was told. Knee in spine, handcuffed etc. got taken to the station and was told I was being arrested for assaulting a police officer and drunk and disorderly. Now, I was drunk and swearing might be considered disorderly, however, I wasn't swearing at the police, I was just openly swearing loudly being an idiot.
I did not touch a police officer!!!
When I got interviewed in the morning I had told my solicitor everything and where I was (the centre of Leeds). The place I was is highly under surveillance, as is every city centre on this Island. I revealed my bruises to the police in the interview, they covered my whole left shin and had swollen to a point where it looked and felt like a break. My right was bruised and I had bruises on my back, chest and arms.
We asked for the cctv to be produced and they said they see if they could get it. Interview ended. I was sent back to my cell. 30 minutes later they come get me and tell me they will drop the charge of assaulting a police officer if I take a caution for drunk & disorderly. I agreed and got the hell out of there.