Monday, 12 January 2009



israel slaughters nearly 900 Palestinian men women and
children in Gaza in two weeks while the world looks on and
the Palestinians only have their armed resistance to
protect themselves.

Young people in britain who grew up seeing the
ineffectiveness of the anti-war mass marches of millions in
2003 in the lead up to the Iraq war are now taking matters
into their own hands. They want the israeli embassy
closed-down by any means necessary.

On Saturday 10th January they rattled off one of the high
gates which lead to the embassy while in hand-to-hand
fighting beating back five riot police. Nearly everyday for
the last two weeks militant youth in their many hundreds
have come back again and again to force the closure of the
embassy. Many are arrested, probably dozens will be
charged, and organisations like the Islamic Human Rights
Commission, are assisting them and their families in
dealing with the police and judicial system. Despite these
arrests and police provocations (directed dozens of times
against mothers and children, including trapping thousands
in a tunnel and beating people) they still come back with
bigger numbers, more wised up, prepared and determined.

This is simply the un-organised, spontaneous anger of the
youth, nothing more. There are no organisations or
individuals preparing, organising or directing this.

The youth are overwhelmingly Muslim and Arab youth, but
also with some youth from other and white backgrounds who
all want to see an end to us imperialism and its closest
ally and attack-dog apartheid israel.

There is no limit to the number young people ready to take
matters into their own hands while no-one can do anything
to stop israel's slaughter. These young people are not
incited by any leaders or organisations, as there are none
in Britain able to lead these young people into such
militant actions. What is inciting them is the treatment of
our/their Palestinian people in Gaza by israel.

What is inciting these militant pro-Palestine youth is
everytime british government leaders blame Hamas for the
situation; young people are called into action by being
outraged everytime israel, backed-up by nearly all the
sell-out Arab states, europe and the usa, kills and maims
scores more Palestinian women and children with impunity.

Young people all across the west are saying for the first
time, that their opinions which represent world opinion and
international law, if they are not enacted upon by the
oppressors, then we will start to directly challenge the
presence of the israeli embassy in britain - an illegal
foreign terrorist entity being supported by the british

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
11th Jan 2008

* First fights with police at israeli embassy Sun Dec 28th here

* Another one from Sat 03 Jan 2009
This is where the police trapped and beat protestors in a tunnel,

mainstream british newspaper The Guardian rerports

* Another Guardian article about Saturday (yesterday) here featuring a good picture

Militant young pro-Palestinian posing with riot police shield
from yesterdays protest featured above in the video
(courtesy of Soviet Films)


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